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FFVII - How To Defeat Ruby WEAPON


If you'd like to see more Final Fantasy 7 tutorials, leave a like and a comment! If you'd like to see my Emerald WEAPON tutorial, click here: 🤍 For those of you wondering how that last materia combination works, final attack + revive causes the player to revive every time they die, and every time that happens the two knights of the rounds go off. Since you have two copies of knights of the round, you can summon a total of 10 times which should be more than enough to defeat ruby, and since you have the hp to mp materia, you'll have plenty of mp to use. UPDATE: I've seen a lot of comments about the no button pressing strategy. It seems to work for some people and not for others, so I must have missed something when I was testing it. Someday I'll go back and do some more testing and figure out the missing link ;) Want more of us? Join our Patron Club and get exclusive videos, news and sneak peaks that won't be on YouTube! Go to 🤍 to learn how to join! Songs: Final Fantasy 7 OST - Shinra's Full Scale Assault Please visit the following for news, updates, and more. Main Website: 🤍 Live Show: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Store: 🤍 Forums: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 4get the h8rs. Always. 4-8Productions

FFXIV OST Ruby Weapon Theme


Tremendous. A nice quick fight as you can see in the video; there's nothing suspicious about that. It's a shame FF7R isn't coming out in 2 weeks aye? The timing would have be fantastic. Find the rest of the FFXIV OST here! 🤍 You can purchase Final Fantasy XIV here: 🤍 And if you enjoy the music please consider purchasing the original soundtracks from Square: 🤍 I do not own the video nor the audio. FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010-2020 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Final Fantasy VII: Ruby Weapon (End Game Optional Boss)


Defeating the optional end-game superboss, Ruby Weapon. This is the most difficult battle in the game but it can be made much easier with some proper planning and setup. Check out the walkthrough section below for details: 🤍

FINAL FANTASY VII, one hit kill Ruby weapon



FFXIV OST - Ruby Weapon's Theme


Battle theme for Ruby weapon, part the new weapon trial series.Includes the remix everyone was waiting for, and it didn't disappoint. Phase 2 starts at 5:41 (contains some spoilers). FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010 - 2020 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

FFXIV OST Ruby Weapon Theme #2 ( SPOILERS )


Spoilers in the video. Oh ok, well that's a thing. A gross, oozing, smiling thing. Orchestral Arrangement of .... wait for it... Rise of the White Raven. Oh hey it's Dalamud. Find the rest of the FFXIV OST here! 🤍 You can purchase Final Fantasy XIV here: 🤍 And if you enjoy the music please consider purchasing the original soundtracks from Square: 🤍 I do not own the video nor the audio. FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010-2020 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

FF7 - Ruby Weapon - Omnislash - 9999 Damage


Final Fantasy 7. "Ruby Weapon" is defeated by Cloud using the attack "omnislash". A single such attack causes 15 hits to the "Ruby Weapon". Each hit of the attack causes 9999-damage to the "Ruby Weapon". "Cloud" performs 6 attacks of "omnislash". 5 attacks of the "omnislash" are performed by the materia-combination: counter-mime. Ruby weapon has 800,000 HP. 15 hits x 9999-damage x 6 attacks = 899,910-damage. "Ruby Weapon" is the loser. The party of "Cloud" is the victor. I won.

FF7 - Barret Defeats Ruby in 1:16


As far as I know this is the fastest method to defeat Ruby. It can be done on very low level. I may keep a save to do it when I try LL challenge ^^. Also it is the easiest method - just select Barret's limit and enjoy the victory :D First of all this is not something that I developed. It is something that I saw in a video of 🤍Ultimaxweapon. So all credits go to him (I suppose it is his idea...). I was eager to do it myself but as it turns out - it is not easy task as it looks like. The hardest part was to level Barret to a proper Natural HP. If you check 7777 guide you will see that there are only a couple of options. On top of that you can use up to 3 HP modifying materia (13slots reserved and one should be Restore) ... so yeah, I didn't count but there are only very few possibilities. Next thing is your Current HP. This could be pretty painful too (it took me ~90 min). The trick is to reach 7777 HP at the same moment your first Counter/Mime triggers your limit. In the end (if you have mastered enough Counter/Mime) you need luck (or many tries) - to trigger all of this you need to be hit by left tentacle. My setup: Barret - level 88, Natural HP 8837, stats - from natural level up Battle Speed - highest (active) Please rate, comment, check my other FF videos and subscribe (I have more videos with Emerald/Ruby coming and later this year FF9, FF5), but most of all - have fun!

Final Fantasy VII - Ruby Weapon Solo Battle


Yeap, I felt the need to solo this one as well! It didn't quite go as smooth as Emerald, but that was a whole different story. Emerald Weapon has a lot more HP than Ruby does, but I don't believe Emerald has anything on Ruby Weapon. For this one I spent a good portion of my night dying because of stupid choices or just very terrible luck. I farmed Power Sources for Cloud and maxed out his Strength stat, but Ruby Weapon's defense is SO high that you'd have to load up on Hero Drinks just to inflict enough good enough damage on it. I'm ashamed to say, but I learned after posting this that Hero Drinks really stack up to about 5 uses before you max out on power. I had no idea! The setup goes a little like this: *Counter Attack/Mime *W-Item/4x Cut *Final Attack/Phoenix (Life saver) *Elemental/Fire I don't think I used Mime properly but I was just trying out new Materia combos to see if they worked. My auto-life insurance setup screwed up the legitimacy of this solo title but he whirl sanded Cid and Tifa died, how lucky! Maybe one day I'll do this again and try to beat him in under ten minutes. You can debate with yourself on whether or not it's worth beating both Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon for the Master Materia, because by the time they are both defeated you're more than likely overpowered and don't need magic anyways when Omnislash and other broken materia setups are available. Thanks for watching my FF7 videos! My FF7 boss collection playlist: 🤍 Tags: Final Fantasy VII FF7 Ruby Weapon Boss Cloud Strife Aerith Tifa Lockhart Barret Cid Highwind Red XIII Cait Sith Yuffie Kisargi Vincent Valentine Materia Limit Break rpg PS1 Sephiroth Jenova Advent Children Crisis Core RoxasNova

Final Fantasy VII - Vincent vs Emerald Weapon & Ruby Weapon


ファイナルファンタジーVII-ヴィンセントvsエメラルドウェポン&ルビーウェポン When Vincent uses the Mug Command with any rifle (Shortbarrel / Winchester / Long Barrel R / Sniper CR / Death Penalty), the next action's effects are entirely skipped, but the action will still take place and do damage/heal. This includes items, summons, magics, enemy attacks, damage indicators... ⦿ Emerald Weapon battle ⦿ - Equipment Weapon: Death Penalty Armor: Wizard Bracelet Accessory: Pretect Ring - Materia [Counter=Steal, Magic Counter=KotR, Counter=Steal, Magic Counter=KotR] [Counter=Mime, Counter=Steal, Counter=Mime, MP Absorb=KotR] Summary ➼ Emerald: attacks Vincent with Emerald Shoot • Vincent: uses KotR • Vincent counters ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) ‣ Mug, free mime of KotR (skipped). ‣ Mime of Mug, KotR (skipped). This KotR is the one i manually selected (recovering MP because i had MP Absorb linked to KotR). ➼ Emerald: attacks Vincent with Foot Stamp • Vincent: uses KotR • Vincent counters ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) ‣ Mug, free mime of KotR (skipped). ‣ Mime of Mug, KotR (skipped). This KotR is the one i manually selected (recovering MP because i had MP Absorb linked to KotR). Emerald dies after the 8th KotR. KotR deals 129,987 damage. Vincent used KotR 8 times dealing a total damage of 1,039,896. ⦿ Ruby Weapon battle ⦿ - Equipment Weapon: Death Penalty Armor: Wizard Bracelet Accessory: Ribbon (prevents all status ailments except Slow, Stop and Instant Death) - Materia [Counter=Steal, Magic Counter=KotR, Counter=Steal, Magic Counter=KotR] [Counter=Mime, Counter=Steal, HP-MP] Resume ➼ Ruby: attacks Vincent with Left Tentacle (affects MP) • Vincent counters ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) ‣ Mug, free mime of KotR (skipped). ➼ Ruby: attacks Vincent with Left Tentacle (affects MP) • Vincent counters ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) ‣ Mug, free mime of KotR (skipped). ➼ Ruby: attacks Vincent with Right Tentacle (affects HP) • Vincent counters ‣ Mug, KotR (skipped) Ruby dies after the 7th KotR. KotR deals 129,987 damage. Vincent used KotR 7 times dealing a total damage of 909,909.

A minimal grinding needed way to kill Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy 7!


Final Fantasy VII (Platinum 100% Walkthrough) with Simon - Check out my Amazon Store for my product video reviews and even live streams!! ➤ 🤍 Please remember to select 'Follow' on my store page! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 - Ruby Weapon is one of Final Fantasy 7's optional SUPER Bosses and can be encountered from disk 2 onwards (once the party has defeated Ultimate Weapon and one further random encounter). I want to show multiple strategies for defeating the big red, today we will focus on the most basic. Knights of the Round with Hades and Mime combo. Very simple - but also very effective! Here is my Chocobo breeding guide if required: 🤍 Also find me on... My 2nd Channel (Product Reviews) ➤ 🤍 My Alt Channel ➤ 🤍 Twitch ➤ 🤍 Facebook ➤ 🤍 Twitter ➤ 🤍 My Other YouTube Channels... Simon's Drones ▶ 🤍 Simon's Reviews ▶ 🤍 My Amazon Store ➤ 🤍 My alt channel ➤ 🤍 This channel is where I upload hardware related content, and guides to streaming and making video content! My Streaming Gear! ▶ 🤍 Support the channel... Patreon ▶ 🤍 Channel Membership ▶ 🤍 One-off donation ▶ 🤍 Grow your YouTube audience... TubeBuddy ▶ 🤍 I installed this browser extension in 2018 and it has since helped grow my channel from 4k to 40k subs! Use my link with code 'FuzzBuddy' for discount! I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, check my channel playlists for a walkthrough of your next adventure! Enjoy the video and please share your comments below. Fuzz #FinalFantasy7 #FF7 #FinalFantasyVII

Big Fat Tacos - Ruby Weapon's theme misheard lyrics


祖堅さま, 本当にごめんなさい!!!!! By Goodall Curie on Zodiark. Extra thanks to Shiru for pointing out the true title.

Final Fantasy VII - Barret vs Ruby Weapon (All Lucky 7s)


ファイナルファンタジーVII-バレットvsルビーウェポン(すべてラッキー7s) - Equipment Weapon: Missing Score Armor: Wizard Bracelet Accessory: Ribbon (prevents all status ailments except Slow, Stop and Instant Death) - Materia [Sneak Attack=Restore(3), Counter=Mime, Counter=Mime] [Counter=Mime,Counter=Mime, Counter=Mime, Counter=Mime] All Lucky 7s yolo method Requirements: - ATB on Wait - Battle Speed on Slow - Regen magic spell - Stop time at the right moment Note: If you are using an action that auto-stops time like some limit breaks or counters for example; and you stop time manually before that action auto-stops it, you will want to stop time at 7776 HP because at next action regen will add +1HP (even if the time is stopped). - All Lucky 7s If a player or enemy happens to have 7777 HP exactly, then they enter a state known as All Lucky 7s. This has the following effects: If any party member enters this state, or begins the battle in this state, then they will be forced to use the Attack command continuously on the enemy. This does not take up their current turn, but it takes priority over all other moves and has no delay in its use. If multiple party members have 7777 HP, then they will alternate attacks. This continues until 64 forced attacks have been done overall, no matter how many party members are in All Lucky 7s. This chain of 64 attacks can only be done once per battle. It almost guarantees the death of whatever you're facing, with only a few exceptions. The resulting Damage of any damage-causing Ability from the Attacker will be 7777, so long as it was going to cause at least 1 point of damage to start with. This also includes damage from the Poison status, which is considered to be a self-inflicted ability. Elements and status effects will be removed from any use of the following commands: Attack, Morph, D.blow, Mug, Slash-All, 2x-Cut, Flash and 4x-Cut. After the battle ends, the HP of any party member still at 7777 HP will be reduced to 1. Quick and simple way to get Lucky 7s using Cat's Bell, Gravity, and potions: 1) Use Cat's Bell to increase HP to two or four times a number ending in 77 (it rounds up to an even number). 2) Enter a random battle. I chose Sea Worm because it has a 100% encounter rate on the Mideel coast, and most of its attacks can be nullified with Escort Guard. 3) Use Demi2 to divide HP by two or Demi3 to divide by four. 4) Flee the battle. 5) Use potions to increase HP to 7777.

That ??? Noise in The Ruby Weapon Theme


There's this weird sound in the intro to Final Fantasy XIV's Ruby Weapon trial theme. As it turns out, it's actually an electric guitar, and it's an easy sound to replicate! VGM COVERS: 🤍 ANIME COVERS: 🤍 ORIGINAL MUSIC: 🤍

Final Fantasy VII - Red XIII vs Ruby Weapon (Poison as Regen)


ファイナルファンタジーVII-レッドXIII対ルビーウェポン(再生としての毒) Equipment Weapon: Limited Moon Armor: Wizard Bracelet Accessory: Jem Ring Materia [Elemental=Choco/Mog, Added Effect=Mime*, Counter=Mime, Counter=Mime] [Elemental=Typhon, Elemental=Ifrit, Added Effect=Transform, Elemental=Poison] *Added Effect=Mime was an epic fail. i noticed i had this after recording the video. I tought i had there counter + mime instead xD. Before recording the video my plan was to use Added Effect + Odin, but with that materia combo my HP was not exactly 7777 so i removed it. Choco/Mog and Typhon Materias have the element Wind. This allows it to be paired with the Elemental Support Materia on weapons or armor to deal or resist Wind damage respectively. Using both materias, one on weapon and the other one in the armor, allow you to heal when you attack yourself. You wont have to worry anymore when Ruby Weapon uses Ruby ray. Elemental + Poison Materia on the armor allows you to use the poison as regen but with the difference that this effect will last until the battle is over. - All Lucky 7s Red XIII natural HP was 9484 (at level 99 his HP can be between 8982 - 9552). So 9484 - 18% = 7777HP.

FFXIV: Cinder Drift Extreme - Ruby Weapon Unsynced (Lvl 90 Ruby Gwiber Mount Farm Guide)


Your level 90 Unsynced Ruby Gwiber aka Baby Red Dragon mount farm guide. Just the Mechanics' you need to know, straight forward, one slow-motion added for ease. I hope you all get your mounts, and one day soon...Robo Dragon! May the 12 Bless your RNG! This Trial now has Glowing Weapons made from its material that drops here. Also Friends, If you have ever found my guides to be helpful at all; Please consider supporting me and the channel, with a hot cup of coffee!? A Small Cup, is a Huge Help towards a better Channel/Life. Thank You! 🤍 Join our Discord Community! We do Primal, PVP, and Savage Content Farms, Learning Parties, and Clear Parties. Anyone is welcome to host a match of any kind here if you like as well. Feel free to join me in General Hangout and come say HIHI. Lets have some fun, an help each other grow. 🤍 Come Hang with me LIVE! via Twitch Streams, Learn and Laugh about all things Final Fantasy XIV/XVI 🤍 Short Cuts to All Other Social Media Links here in the Link Tree! 🤍 Coming Soon: Moonshadow Fantasy TikToks, and Instagram Art/Shorts for all things Final Fantasy

A Realm Reborn: REBORN! - Ruby Weapon (Extreme) w/NEST


I can't even imagine how sick of Nael's shit everyone from 1.0 is by now. Come say hi! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check out our official sponsor, ExitLag! Try it free for 3 days or use the link below and code DRAK for 20% off! : 🤍

Ruby Weapon One Hit KO #shorts


Ever wanted to defeat Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy 7 in under a minute? If you understand how to manipulate the Slots with a little practice it's not too crazy to pull off. If you hit the Equivalent of the Square Button when the Reels are going, it will stop the spinning even though it still sounds like it's rotating, so you can use this to your advantage on the first to reels. The 3rd one is tricky, because the game cheats. However if you position the slot to stop in the right spot, and mash confirm (Earlier marked X) after letting go of Square, if done correctly it will override the cheating, and allow the Game Over ability to activate anyway, killing just about everything. One thing of note however is if you do "Game Over" to Ruby before he sticks his tentacles in the ground, it won't actually work. Be sure to wait until the tentacles go into the ground before trying this for yourself! #finalfantasy7 #finalfantasyvii Here are some playlists - 🤍 If you want to support the channel and/or have custom emoji during Live streams become a Channel Member by following the link below, 🤍

FF7 Ruby Weapon Speedrun Strategy


This works on all versions of Final Fantasy VII. Battle starts at: 3:26 Obviously, there are countless ways to defeat FF7's optional superbosses, Emerald and Ruby Weapon. Yet, this is arguably the fastest way to kill Ruby Weapon if one accounts for setup time. Both the battle (it takes about 2 minutes (!)) and the setup are very fast. No grinding is required, the necessary equipment is very basic as well as fast and easy to acquire. I made this Ruby Weapon strategy to use it in 100% FF7 speedruns. In a 100% speedrun of FF7, you have to defeat all of the weapons. Hence, you are assumed to have already killed Ultimate and Emerald Weapon as the weapon battle order Ultimate - Emerald - Ruby yields by far the shortest cumulative battle and setup time. For more information on Ultimate Weapon: 🤍 For more information on Emerald Weapon: 🤍

All Lucky 7's Ruby Weapon


This guide will allow you to kill the Ruby Weapon without taking ANY damage while also killing it in about 4 and a half minutes. Start by filling Cloud's limit bar. This is easily done by using Hyper to put Cloud into Fury status and equipping Cover so that he receives all attacks from enemies. Max level Cloud has 877 MP, so equip the HP-MP swap Materia to make your HP 877, then remove the materia. Use potions to bring your health to 7677. Materia needed will be two Quadra Magic, two Master Materia or Comet materia (leveled to allow use of Comet2,) one W-Magic, and one W-Item. Be sure to KO your other two characters before the battle to avoid the Whirlsand attack that can permanently remove one of your party members. Items needed are one Dazers and one Potion (for the battle.) Start by using Omnislash on the tentacles. Once they are gone use W-Item to first put potion on you and then Dazers on Ruby Weapon. The potion will immediatly put you in 7777 Fever and you will auto attack 63 times for 7777 damage with each hit, ignoring the Ruby Weapon's defense stat. When the attacks finish, the Dazers will be applied. This gives you the opportunity to use the W-Magic command to cast Comet2X4 twice for a total of 10 Comet2 attacks. I know the math doesn't make sense but that is because of the game coding. With this setup Quadra Magic actually hits 5 times per cast. Total damage tallies to 801031, this is merely 1031 HP more than the Ruby Weapon has. There you have it, one less hit and this plan of attack would not work. P.S. I have tried using 3 sets of Quadra Magic and Comet but this only yields in 6 total casts and thus not enough to kill the Ruby Weapon, again this is because of game coding that disallows us from chaining too many attacks. Also for this battle, be sure to set the ATB to the "wait" setting so that it stays dazed while you are barraging it with attacks. If you would like to see how to easily beat the Emerald Weapon also, I have a video for that here. 🤍

Level 1 Cloud vs Ruby Weapon [4-8Live]


I'll do my best to explain all that is going on here. First of all, Level 1 Cloud is achieved with a save game editor. Level 1 Young Cloud exists during the Nibelheim flashback but normal Cloud starts on Level 6. Level 1 Cloud has absolutely abysmal stats, level 7 Cloud strats usually involve counter mime and final attack combos but level 1 Cloud hardly has the mp to do anything. He is also extremely slow and does very little damage without a lot of help. I never thought that something like this would be possible until I found a way to force Ruby into taking no turns at all, making pretty much anything possible. Usually people use dazers or Hades to stun Ruby, but the issue is when Ruby becomes unstunned the game will automatically give it a turn to attack if its atb is full. Even if you have a dazer primed and ready to go Ruby will always get a turn after the paralysis wears off before Cloud throws the dazer, and if you throw a dazer while Ruby is stunned it won't stack the effect, it will just simply miss. So it seemed impossible to perma-stun Ruby until I accidentally stumbled across a funny interaction with w-item and w-summon. Basically when you use 2 items with w-item (or 2 summons with w-summon) the first item goes off and then the game checks for interrupt actions. The only things that can interrupt w-item are limit breaks or counter attacks, but while the game checks for these time flows for a few seconds, then when it doesn't find one it will shoot off the second item. In this fight I layer the first and second item from w-item at the same time that Ruby loses paralysis. By doing this, the first item goes off, the game checks for interrupts and while doing this Ruby loses paralysis, then Ruby automatically ques up an attack as I stated earlier, but the second part of w-item resolves first. If that second item is a dazer this means that Ruby will be stunned even though it has already qued up an attack, and this causes that attack to be cancelled since it is now paralyzed and unable to attack. Doing this over and over again and counting the exact amount of time needed to layer the paralysis perfectly with w-item, we can successfully prevent Ruby from ever getting an attack! The rest of the battle is pretty self-explanatory, KOTR does max damage thanks to Ultima Weapon, Hero Drinks and Magic Plus materia, but none of that is really necessary, it just speeds things up. We W-Summon Hades because it has the same exact effect as the dazers, by layering it correctly you can stun Ruby in the same way. The spider web is used to slow Ruby so Cloud gets his turn fast enough, as strange as it sounds slowing ruby actually causes paralysis to last longer as well. The first few times I tried this I couldn't find out why my timing was always off, until I realized that slowing him with Spider Web or Hades made paralysis longer and I needed to increase my count. If you have any other questions about how this works, feel free to comment below, just please read my comments first to avoid repeat questions. Thanks! Want more of us? Join our Patron Club and get exclusive videos, news and sneak peaks that won't be on YouTube! Go to 🤍 to learn how to join! Please visit the following for news, updates, and more. Main Website: 🤍 Live Show: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Store: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 4get the h8rs. Always. 4-8Productions

FF7 Fan REACTS to FFXIV Ruby Weapon | Shadowbringers Trial


#FFXIV #FF14 #ff #ffviral #ffvii #ff7 #livestream #vtuber FFVII Fan Girl reacting over seeing Ruby Weapon in FF14 Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Cinder Drift Ruby Doomsday Though the original Ultima Weapon, piloted by Gaius van Baelsar, was destroyed in the decisive battle at the Praetorium, Garlemald has been secretly developing its successor. Now, this diabolical melding of Allagan and Garlean technologies has been deployed to annihilate those who would oppose the Empire. At the behest of none other than Gaius Baelsar himself, you cross the scorched battlefield of the Ghimlyt Dark to halt this crimson menace before it lays waste to Eorzea.

How To One Shot Ruby WEAPON with Game Over [4-8Live]


I made a more in-depth video about this exploit here if you'd like to learn more: 🤍 Game Over works on any enemy in the game, including Emerald Weapon and Sephiroth. The only time it doesn't work is against Ruby Weapon when his tenticles are retracted. Basically, use square to slowly crawl the slots onto the position directly before what you want, then let go of square and hit circle. On the last slot, if it is something that is evil flagged, mash circle after letting go of square to trick the game into thinking you landed on the correct tile. Only the more rare combinations are evil flagged, and each are evil flagged at a different rate. If it is evil flagged it means the game will push the tile forward when you land on it unless the time of your file is a certain number. The numbers are: Crown and Star: Evil flag is off. BAR and Moogle: Evil flag is off if the time is divisible by two (50% chance) Heart: Evil flag is off if the time is divisible by four (25% chance) Cait Sith: Evil flag is off if the time is divisible by 64. (1.5625% chance) Also if you are looking to do this yourself, be sure to set your ATB to Wait, otherwise Ruby will beat you up while you are trying to work the slots. I do this all of the time on my stream and am always willing to show people how it works, so if you have any questions feel free to stop by: 🤍 To my knowledge this trick was orinally found by GarlandG. Want more of us? Join our Patron Club and get exclusive videos, news and sneak peaks that won't be on YouTube! Go to 🤍 to learn how to join! Please visit the following for news, updates, and more. Main Website: 🤍 Live Show: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Store: 🤍 Forums: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 4get the h8rs. Always. 4-8Productions

Ruby weapon fight and post fight cutscene


Hello friends! hope you enjoy, got some real nael ptsd from this fight, but had fun ^.^ FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010 - 2019 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie kills Ruby Weapon while sleepwalking


ファイナルファンタジーVII-夢遊病中にユフィがルビーウェポンを殺す Yuffie natural HP was 8837 (at level 99 her HP can be between 8472 - 8989). So 8837 - 12% = 7777HP. I had planned at first to use 4 Seal materias instead of those 4 Mater Magic -_- but each Seal materia subtract 2% of HP. Equipment Weapon: Conformer Armor: Wizard Bracelet Accessory: Tetra Elemental Materia [Counter=Mime, Magic Counter=Contain(3), Magic Counter=Seal(1), Counter=Mime] [Quadra Magic=Master Magic, Quadra Magic=Master Magic, Quadra Magic=Master Magic, Quadra Magic=Master Magic] There is a glitch that allows you to use almost any command (including Limit Breaks) with Quadra Magic using the following Materia combo: Counter + Mime, Magic Counter + Any magic, Counter + Mime, Quadra Magic + Same magic As you can see i added 3 additional Quadra Magic + Master Magic so as to reach 7 casts at once instead of 4 (one additional cast per additional Quadra Magic materia). Use of multiple Quadra Magics - The first one adds 3 extra casts to the linked compatible spells or summons: all spells but Escape and all summons but KotR. (And no, you can't quadra KotR normally, or with Master Summon or Magic Counter. With Mime... well, you'll see.) - Each additional Quadra linked with the same spells or summons gives them 1 extra cast. The casts this way are limited to 8. Auto Mimes general rules - The auto actions are first in the order of the equipped Materias. - The auto mimes look to what they will copy: the previous trigger if there's any, or the action that happened before the combo elsewise. - The auto mimes are performed after the other auto actions. Quadra-loss glitch - If the second mime of that chain was supposed to mime a non-quadra action, then the first one will be non-quadra too; if it was supposed to mime a quadra action, that action will lose quadra. Hopefully, the opposite is true too, so... Quadra-gain glitch - If the second mime of that chain was supposed to mime a quadra action, then the first one will be quadra too; if it was supposed to mime a non-quadra action, that actions will gain quadra. - And since that action gets a free quadra effect, then you can apply it to: ✶ KotR, E. Skills and Commands, despite they're incompatible when paired directly. Note: Command materias like Slash-All, Double Cut, Steal, Sense, Throw, Morph, Deathblow & Manipulate will have their extra casts animations skipped, just the the 1st one is visible. ✶ Limits, which can have animation glitches. ✶ Items, but only the 1st one is visible, the extra ones have their animation skipped. Summary (what happens after Ruby Weapon uses Big Swings and hits Yuffie) ➼ Ruby: attacks Yuffie with Big Swings • Yuffie counters ‣ Tornado - x7 (32/2-1 = 15% chance of inflicting Confusion) ‣ Sleepel - x7 (72/2-1 = 35% chance of inflicting Sleep) ‣ Mime (Doom of the Living) - x7, copied from the next mime of this queue (Quadra-gain glitch) ‣ Mime (Sleepel) - x7 (35% chance of inflicting Sleep) ‣ 64 auto-attacks from All lucky 7s Ruby actually dies after the 7th cast of the mimed Doom of the Living, cancelling the last 7 Mimes of Sleepel and the 64 auto-attacks from All Lucky 7s. Yuffie was confused so after the 7th cast of the mimed Sleepel she would have died with the first auto-attack from All Lucky 7s (7777 damage). Total damage dealt to Ruby Weapon: 7 limit breaks x 15 hits = 115 hits; 115 hits x 7777 = 816.585 damage

Final Fantasy 7 - Beating Ruby WEAPON Without Touching a Button


Be ready for the long haul. Played on the Steam re-release.

Final Fantasy VII Ruby Weapon fighting Emerald Weapon - Dawn of the Gods III


Jump to the destruction of the universe: 0:58 aka Dawn of the Gods III (DoG III) - Ruby Weapon vs. Emerald Weapon This should finally end all debates on whether Emerald or Ruby Weapon is the most powerful Weapon in FF7... Tracklist: 1) Don of the Slums Remix (FF VII OST) 2) Sharp's Curse Remix (Zelda MM OST) 3) Their Resting Place Remix (FF X-2 OST) 4) Fire Emblem Theme Remix (Fire Emblem)

Final Fantasy 7 Ruby Weapon (no damage taken) Dazers/Coin/Mime/S-mine


Equipment needed: 11 Dazers 3 Sprint Shoes 3 Mime Materia, 1 W-Magic Materia 1 Level 2/Mastered Throw Materia. Battle Speed is a little bit below the 50% mark. Cloud is character 1, Red 13 is character 2, and Tifa is character 3. Step 1: Character 1 (Cloud) uses Dazers on Ruby Weapon Step 2: Character 1 (Cloud) double casts Life on all party members and Slow on Ruby Weapon. Step3: Character 2 (Red 13) throws Dazers. Here is where the Coin Dazers loop begins. Step 4: Character 3 (Tifa) Throws 100,000 gil at Ruby weapon for 9,999 damage. Step 5: Character 1 (Cloud) Mimes Step 6: Character 2 (Red 13) Mimes Step 7: Character 3 (Tifa) mimes Step 8: Character 1 (Cloud) Mimes Step 9: Character 2 (Red 13) Mimes Step 10: Character 3 (Tifa) mimes Step 11: Character 1 (Cloud) Mimes Step 12: Character 2 (Red 13) uses Dazers on Ruby Weapon. Step 13: Repeat from Step 4. Repeating this loop 10 times will deal 799,920 damage, just 80 damage short of Ruby Weapon’s 800,000 HP. The final blow will be dealt on the 10th loop after the 80th and final use of Mime. Instead of throwing Dazers on Character 2’s last turn (Step 9), throw an S-mine, any item that deals over 80 damage, or hit Ruby with a Limit Break. Alternatively, if Character 1 is Cloud use Cross Slash instead of Dazers on the very first turn. Then perform the loop. You won’t need to use a damage item at the end this way.

FF7 How to defeat Emerald and Ruby Weapons without KOTR, Final Attack/Phoenix or Dazers


FINAL FANTASY VII - PS4 How to defeat Emerald and Ruby Weapons without KOTR, Final Attack/Phoenix or Dazers. Yuffie's used because her ultimate weapon's damage scales based on enemy level (Conformer). Her damage will not be affected by her current HP nor MP (unlike Cloud and Cid). You can use other characters with this strategy but I would not recommend Cloud, Cid or Vincent due to complications with their ultimate weapon's damage output. This strategy will allow you to take on both Emerald and Ruby weapons without needing KOTR or utilizing the "W-Item" glitch to obtain high levels of rare items. The items used for this strategy were obtained through Chocobo Racing and standard game progression. Make sure to use an "EXP plus - materia" on Yuffie throughout the game. Also, be sure to use the triple growth weapons and double growth armors as soon as you can, and throughout the game until these fights. Place Yuffie in the back row to reduce damage taken and use "long range - materia". "Fury - Status" is used to build the limit bar faster but reduces your chance to land a successful hit. Only use Fury for Emerald Weapon. Remove Fury before the fight with Ruby weapon because he is much more difficult to land successful hits on. Level 99 is not required for this strategy but you will need more consumable items to make up for your lower level because these fights will go on for much longer with a lower damage output from Yuffie. Good luck! You will be awarded with a "Gold Chocobo" and "Master Materia Set" for your efforts. Go grab that "Knights of the Round - materia" with your new bird. Cheers

The Ruby Weapon Hour Animated: Actually


🤍PeachSaliva would never! This is the worst thing I've ever made. Paige never punched a pregnant woman, and neither should you! Source: 🤍 (about 25 minutes in) Song: It Has To Be This Way - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Want to help me make more? Or make me stop? Why not donate to show your support/disapproval! 🤍

Tifa Suplex Ruby Weapon


FFXIV - The Cinder Drift Guide


::Final Fantasy XIV - The Cinder Drift Trial Guide! A quick overview of the new boss, Ruby Weapon, guaranteed to get you through it! Watch live on twitch:! Questions? Comments? Drop me a line and I'll get back to you! FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV c 2010-2013 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved

FF7: Ruby Weapon the Fastest (50 seconds) Solo Character, No Controller, using Mug glitch


When Vincent uses the Mug Command with Shortbarrel / Winchester / Long Barrel R / Sniper CR / Death Penalty, the next attack *animation* is skipped, but its damage is calculated as if it happened. In random battles, it can cause the end of the battle before *all* enemies disappear. Equipment: Death Penalty, Wizard Bracelet, Ribbon Materia: Counter + Steal / Magic Counter + Knights Of Round / Counter + Steal / Magic Counter + Knights Of Round / Counter + Mime / Counter + Steal / HP-MP Battle: Ruby Weapon attacks Vincent. Vincent counters with Mug, KOR (skipped), Mug, KOR (skipped), Mug, Free mime of KOR (skipped) because mimes always come last. Ruby Weapon attacks Vincent again. Vincent counters with Mug, KOR (skipped), Mug, KOR (skipped), Mug, Free mime of KOR (skipped) because mimes always come last. HP-MP is necessary to cover the four castings of KOR that cost MP (1000 MP). The six KOR do 6 * 13 * 9999 = 779,922 damages to Ruby Weapon thanks to Vincent's boosted Level and Magic. The six Mug do 6 * 9999 = 59,994 damages to Ruby Weapon thanks to Vincent's boosted Level, Attack and Death Penalty bonus (Vincent's kills). Ruby has 800,000 HP. Music: Fatalize - Tales Of Symphonia

Ruby Weapon EX Unsync Black Mage POV (Easy Ruby Plating Farm)


Following up on the success of my diamond weapon run, time for Ruby Weapon EX unsynced to show how easy it now is to farm your Ruby gwiber today! Please like comment and subscribe if you enjoyed and let me know what you would like to see next from the channel! Update:After patch 6.3 this video can now also serve as a rough guide to farm Ruby Plating, the crafting material required to craft the new Rubellux Weapon glamours!

Drake and Josh encounter Ruby Weapon


I found this meme on Twitter and it doesn't seem like anyone's uploaded it here, so I decided I'd do it myself. Credit goes to 🤍Ultrashroomz on Twitter.

Childhood Final Fantasy Trauma - Ruby Weapon Reaction - FFXIV - 5.2


I was mentally prepared for Ruby Weapon I wasn't prepared for what I fought....WHY IS IT BACK T_T Overall I loved and hated this fight, what are your thoughts on the new patch? Lets chat about it below! ► Join the Dreamteam live on Twitch!: 🤍 Socials: ► Twitter - 🤍 ► Instagram - 🤍 ► Discord - 🤍 #FFXIV #Shadowbringers #RubyWeapon

The Gang fights Ruby Weapon (FFXIV)


Small clip of our friend losing his mind I know this a small delayed in the audio, sorry about that. Criticism or tips are welcome!



Hey guys, today I show you the fastest method to get ruby weapon in! Music: Ampyx - Holo Recorded with DU Recorder Edited with KineMaster If you enjoyed this mobile gameplay, like and subscribe for more new strategies, updates and gameplays! #moomooio #rubyweapon #ruby

Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie vs Ruby Weapon (Lucky Girl)


ファイナルファンタジーVII-ユフィvsルビーウェポン(ラッキーガール) Equipment Weapon: Conformer Armor: Wizard Bracelet Accessory: Ribbon (prevents all status ailments except Slow, Stop and Instant Death) Materia ‣ Yuffie: [Double Cut, W-Item, Counter=Mime, Counter=Mime, Counter=Mime] [Counter=Mime,Counter=Mime, Counter=Mime, Counter=Mime] ‣ Cloud: [W-Item, HP↔MP] ‣ Cait Sith: [HP↔MP] With 4x-Cut and those 7 Counter + Mime we can hit 28 consecutive times, 32 if we manually select 4x-Cut too. We deal 319,968 damage per turn. - Lucky Girl: The condition affects all characters by making all their physical attacks, whether it be a normal attack, Limit Break, or command attack like Slash-All, hit as critical hits until the battle ends or a character is KO'd (ceases function for that character).

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