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VR Guide 2022 and Beyond



Описание видео:

A VR Guide so up to date it's transcended time and space. Headset comparison spreadsheet - 🤍docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f2xHQJrrp0A_9xNTeY9in4HvbqUyHT8tuq9qkwIcwGg/edit?usp=sharing Guide mentioned at the start of the video - 🤍🤍reddit.com/r/virtualreality/wiki/faq/choosing2 Virtual Reality Discord (Questions, etc) - 🤍discord.gg/virtualreality Virtual Reality subreddit (Questions, etc) - 🤍🤍reddit.com/r/virtualreality/ 🤍🤍reddit.com/r/virtualreality/wiki 0:00 - Best VR for now 1:42 - Alternative VR devices 3:26 - Future of VR

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VR Guide 2022 and Beyond
VR Guide 2022 and Beyond
VR Guide 2022 and Beyond
VR Guide 2022 and Beyond
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2023-08-15 12:27:22

The potentials of augmented reality are fantastic, walking down the street you could see virtual signs for businesses, seeing their star ratings just by glancing at them. Or getting live GPS directions for delivery people with live traffic updates so they never have to take their eyes off the road. However the reality would be much more boring and dark. Instead of being limited to every app and website we use on our phone, now corporations could invade our literal eyesight with adverts and marketing to sell more products.
That apple headset advert was dystopian. Now you don't even need to take your eyes off your work while you play with your child.... maximum efficiency, zero attention span.

2023-06-16 08:29:04

Yo know, besides computers, there are no more clonky designs out there, lile teh roscosmos gogles. Everything is flat and modern

2023-04-14 22:37:54

Where do I purchase quest 2 for 300 dollars? they are well above that in my country.

2023-02-01 02:48:03

where 2023 ver

2023-01-11 03:11:07

Hopefully Valve announces a release date at E3 this year for their new headset

2023-01-06 19:11:54

Hey Philip, would you consider making another video like this for 2023? I'm thinking about trading in my first gen Vive for something wireless and easier to use, but doing research into the market it looks like there are a ton of potential new headsets coming later this year; so I'm unsure whether to go for something like a Quest 2 now, or to wait and see what we get (like Valve's "Deckard", especially since I already have the Index Knuckles).

Regardless, I greatly appreciate the time and effort put into this video, and I'll definitely be using it as a resource when I make my decision. Thanks!

2022-12-08 06:10:09

I hate Facebook just as much as the next person, but I will agree that the Quest's tracking is very good. Don't believe me? Just read the terms of service.

2022-11-04 20:38:10

The hardware isn't the best but it is good enough. What is lacking is the software (steam integration is buggy) and there aren't enough titles. Everyone just recommends the same 3 games...

2022-09-10 20:02:53

Funny cause Facebook is "desubsidizing" the quest 2 in retaliation for being made to remove the Facebook requirement.... in exchange for a brand new meta account so.....

2022-08-14 21:15:00

reverb g2 😍

2022-06-19 03:30:20

I would still get the valve index, even if it's resolution is low. I do hope that a new valve index headset is updated for high resolution in the future.

2022-06-09 18:04:50

you should make a video about the state of vr every year or 6-8 months

2022-06-03 20:39:04

Really wish there were more options closer to quest 2.

2022-05-07 05:36:51

mean while im still stuck with a PC that cant run vr.

Or high graphics

2022-05-04 02:10:40

Thumbs down! Worst VR guide imaginable. Can't understand anything host is talking about. Zero actual guide on actual VR. Do not watch.

2022-04-16 00:28:18

Great info, thanks m8.

Yes, it's worth twice as much to not facebook. Totally fine with that, myself.

2022-04-11 09:38:14

I'm looking forward to full hand tracking gloves coming to the consumer market at reasonable prices

2022-04-10 15:24:03

"pancake" lenses are nothing special. It's just lens elements as usual

2022-04-08 12:03:55

as someone with a vive pro 2, i do have to say that with a 6mm face pad, and a lot of adjusting the headset for comfort, the headset is the most immersive experience i’ve had. i’ve been the lucky few who haven’t had an issue with the overlap or the sweet spot but if you are unable to get a valve index, your next bet is a vive pro 2.

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