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Should We Ditch Time Zones?



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Time zones make long distance communication and travel really complicated. Is there a better alternative? MERCH 🤍teespring.com/stores/tapakapas-little-merch-store PATREON 🤍🤍patreon.com/tapakapa SUBREDDIT 🤍🤍reddit.com/r/tapakapa/ TWITTER 🤍🤍twitter.com/tapakapa DISCORD 🤍discord.gg/SQK6vuz Sources: 🤍🤍independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/universal-time-radical-plan-to-destroy-time-zones-gathers-support-a6879336.html 🤍🤍smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/one-time-zone-for-the-world-127795315/ 🤍en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_zone#/media/File:Solar_time_vs_standard_time.png 🤍🤍timeanddate.com/time/china/one-time-zone.html 🤍🤍travelchinaguide.com/cityguides/xinjiang/urumqi/fast-facts.htm 🤍🤍citymetric.com/horizons/here-are-some-worlds-most-stupid-time-zones-2863 🤍🤍bbc.com/news/world-asia-16351377 🤍youtu.be/c3EQDfqqHsI 🤍youtu.be/Q4nySg5yjqU 🤍🤍timeanddate.com/time/time-zones-history.html 🤍🤍timeanddate.com/time/time-zones-interesting.html #TimeZones #UniversalTime #UTC #GMT

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Should We Ditch Time Zones?
Should We Ditch Time Zones?
Should We Ditch Time Zones?
Should We Ditch Time Zones?
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-10-20 15:56:26

can confirm that in greenwich we have to dodge the prime meridian daily

2023-10-02 03:24:35

Okay... let's say a hypothetical situation... an expat living in Hong Kong has kids who've only lived in Hong Kong their entire lives. They watch Hollywood movies, and the timing would make NO SENSE to them as they don't know what the schedules are like in the US.

2023-09-07 13:08:13


2023-08-29 16:30:24

For international deals use universal time. For local deals use your local time.

2023-08-27 08:18:57

I support this idea as it is. 
But also I have a different idea. 
A problem is that in west America, East Asia and Australia new day would happen during the middle of the working day.
So, we could set the minimal number of time zones, when everywhere a new day would begin at night time (at least, March/September night time). So, it could be one time zone fore whole Americas, one (main) time zone UTC, one zone for West Asia and one for East Asia and Australia. We could shrink number of time zones to four instead to abolish them all. So, everywhere the work (business) hours will be defined by local authorities according to real sunrise/sunset time as it is mentioned in this video.

2023-08-25 18:30:22

I think we should switch to metric time where there are 10 hours in a day, 100 minutes in an hour, and 100 seconds in a minute...

2023-08-23 00:01:50

But Canada and Australia also have 30 minute timezones

2023-08-10 15:18:42

only if it's always Sunday U14HxSKsGgQ&t=00m00s 00:00

2023-08-10 05:45:02

I like to compare this to the months of the year. Different parts of the world have opposite weathers during different months, yet we all use the same gregorian calendar. We simply associate different weathers with different months. We associate summer with june-august while people in places like south africa associate that with winter.

2023-08-04 22:18:05

This hare-brained idea trades one minor inconvenience for a massive headache. Instead of having to look up what time it is in some other country, I now have to look up what U14HxSKsGgQ&t=13m00s 13:00 means in that country. That is much, much more confusing.

2023-08-01 18:22:17

I mean realistically the actual way to solve this problem is to just give people a SEPARATE UTC clock. That way they have their timezone time and their UTC time. This is how computers work (well the timezone time is just an offset from UTC but you get the point). Switching everyone to a universal time only would cause a different set of annoyances and confusion, so just having both makes sense. There is less confusion because there is more information.

2023-07-30 15:18:14

if everywhere had the same time zone, somewhere there will be a family eating dinner at 4 am

2023-07-24 23:15:36

This is just the metric system problem all over again. Because the US, the worlds largest economy, and a few smaller nations still use imperial, the world always has to keep a conversion table near by when doing international business. Universal time would be even worse unless every single country on earth adopted it at the same time

2023-07-18 07:39:59

No .. wrong.. it's not you and I against that time change .. it's foremost politicians. Europe made a poll to get rid of daylight saving time. And the majority voted YES. So since 2010 (or even before that) our politicians debate about how and when and in the end we still switch twice a year. Politicians are clueless - why does Czechia definitly want a different timezone than Germany (+1) is only one of the many problems they face.
Politicians fear loss of power and getting rid of timezones feels to them like losing power to decide over time, even if they never really had the power.
But initially I thought you wanted to propose the return to pre-timezones "times" where every village could have a slightly different time depending on the local sun rise

2023-07-15 16:57:10

awesome video!

U14HxSKsGgQ&t=7m13s 7:13 damn a rhyme of 'description down below' would be so great here

2023-07-12 06:12:46

This already exists, it's called the UNIX time, and is used on practically all computers.

2023-07-10 22:13:11

this would be very nice at someone who lives in UTC most of the year

2023-07-08 08:25:52

People act like we can't use both UTC and timezones at the same time. If something is happening locally (like an in-person meeting), use local timezone, otherwise use UTC. We don't have to change anything globally, you don't have to sign a petition to change the world. Just change your habits a bit. Arranging an online meeting with people from all around the world? Use UTC. Meeting with friends in a pub? Timezone's just fine.

This video provides a complicated solution to what is hardly an issue in the first place.

2023-07-06 19:44:39

Were they still using landlines 4 years go?

I don't think we'll get rid of timezones until we become a spacefaring species. Then we could have some truly arcane time divisions between us.

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