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Movies That Should Not Exist Iceberg Explained

Joey Engelman

Joey Engelman

Описание видео:

An Iceberg Chart diving into some of the most strange movies ever. [TW: Mention of SA at 39:48 to 40:42] 🟢 Become a member for $0.99: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCNfTbxFqaPTMs9-2X_LxeBg/join Discord server: 🤍discord.gg/WnrPyKUkp6 TikTok: 🤍🤍tiktok.com/🤍joeyengelman2 Letterboxd: 🤍letterboxd.com/joeyengelman Twitter: 🤍🤍twitter.com/Joey_Engelman Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/JoeyEngelman‬ 🎶 music from Artlist. Get 2 months for free with my link: 🤍artlist.io/Joey-1526495 Producers: adilah1000, Ashley Encalada-Brown Crew Members: Martin Rockström, Jen Fripps, Marian Elesha, RS, LIQUIDxEAT ME JK DONT, LIQUIDxGhost, Brie G, Datamouth, Mikey, Clyde VC #icebergchart #explained #movies See the full Iceberg Chart here: 🤍icebergcharts.com/i/Movies_That_Should_Not_Exist Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:26 Tier 1 6:45 Tier 2 14:17 Tier 3 23:52 Tier 4 29:23 Tier 5 36:07 Tier 6 45:45 Outro

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Movies That Should Not Exist Iceberg Explained
Movies That Should Not Exist Iceberg Explained
Movies That Should Not Exist Iceberg Explained
Movies That Should Not Exist Iceberg Explained
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-11-30 21:53:06

Funny story: my old band played a gig for Crypticon. The leading lady from Birdemic was shooting Nerf darts at us. That was a fun night.

2023-11-29 03:26:43

"Who makes a sports film where the heroes are the executives?" - also applies to the movie "Air." (Though it had other problems.)

2023-11-29 02:30:18

Flinstones, no the Rock Rock?

2023-11-25 14:50:14

e7zlzh31jpM&t=16m43s 16:43 , the little girl has 6 fingers on the right hand and 4 on the left hand.

2023-11-25 04:23:35

Ummm, did we hear you correctly? You said "Spring Break is an 1883 sex comedy..."? We know you meant 1983 but it's just one of those things that, when you hear it, makes you rewind the video a bit to double check. EXCELLENT work and concept in presenting the iceberg of films.

2023-11-24 15:27:50

i love b-movies

2023-11-22 19:00:52

The filming of Roar just sounds....

.....well I don't know what to write really! 😕 😂

2023-11-22 18:16:38

That is NOT, in fact, how you pronounce Zyzzyx. I get tho! it's a nightmare of a word!!! Phonetically it's "See-sicks". Source: I live in SoCal and we have a TON of urban legends around this road!

2023-11-22 02:43:03

my favorite line in Who killed captain alex
women "will you marry me"
cap Alex "i prefer men"

2023-11-19 15:09:13

Birdemic is the greatest film ever made.

2023-11-19 07:57:18

What is an Iceberg?

2023-11-16 10:52:38

Scott dodged the bullet of movie imitations by releasong five nights at freddys 5 years late so we got the nicolas cage animatronic horror movie in absolute isolation.

2023-11-15 23:34:28

Umm Tippy only appeared in Birdemic on a television that had the movie 'The Birds' playing.

2023-11-15 21:58:55

e7zlzh31jpM&t=1m08s 1:08 Are you sure that's not The Flintstones: On the Rocks being shown there?

2023-11-13 17:33:05

you pronounced pewdiepie so weirdly lol

2023-11-13 11:17:22

Lose that stupid background "music"

2023-11-13 04:17:25

1883. My favorite year for cinema.

2023-11-05 22:54:20

e7zlzh31jpM&t=8m58s 8:58 oh yeah?

2023-11-05 17:26:18

And tippi hedren ( not hendren) is melanie Griffiths mother.

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