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Make a Rune Pouch in 2.5 Hours? 20M+ Gp/hr [Runescape 3] Magic Thread Farming

Maikeru RS

Maikeru RS

Описание видео:

This video showcases a really cool method to make rune pouches super quickly and get a ton of magic thread/hr for ironmen, or lots of gp for main accounts. Enjoy! Set-ups Infinity Ethereal outfit - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Infinity_ethereal_outfit Wilderness Sword for edge tp - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Wilderness_sword Enhanced excalibur offhand for mobile perk - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Mobile Phoenix necklace - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Phoenix_necklace Grace of the elves attuned to deep sea fishing hub - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Grace_of_the_elves Demonic skull for xp/thread increase - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Demonic_skull Runecrafting pouches - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Runecrafting_pouches Pouch protector relic - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Pouch_Protector Nexus mod relic - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Nexus_Mod Elder rune shield - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Elder_rune_round_shield Astral altar teleport tablet - 🤍runescape.wiki/w/Astral_altar_teleport Twitch - 🤍🤍twitch.tv/maikeru Discord - 🤍discord.gg/JePrvgh Twitter - 🤍twitter.com/Maikkeruu Merch - 🤍streamlabs.com/maikeru5/#/merch Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UC3bJPBjgzu_5OXbon8UejCQ/join

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Make a Rune Pouch in 2.5 Hours? 20M+ Gp/hr [Runescape 3] Magic Thread Farming
Make a Rune Pouch in 2.5 Hours? 20M+ Gp/hr [Runescape 3] Magic Thread Farming
Make a Rune Pouch in 2.5 Hours? 20M+ Gp/hr [Runescape 3] Magic Thread Farming
Make a Rune Pouch in 2.5 Hours? 20M+ Gp/hr [Runescape 3] Magic Thread Farming
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-07-31 21:30:52

Why not use blood altar tabs?
Does the abbysal bonus and the demonic skull bonus don't work on the blood altar?
If so not, why not? Because i have searched online and can not find anything about this not being so. :/

2023-05-13 06:20:20

THIS IS 100% absolutely BROKEN NOW. DISREGARD THIS VIDEO. I have done 250 astral teletabs and have gotten 0 magical threads from the astral RC. This is way outside of badluck. There was some update or something that broke this. I'm not sure sure why he hasn't addressed any comments about this, but ignore this in 2023+

2023-02-24 04:56:34

Yea. I agree with what the other newer comments are saying. This seems to be busted now. out of 50 astral teleports, i got literally 0 magical threads from them.

2023-01-20 07:59:45

Dose this work if i use tabs to get to the blood alter? Or dose it not due to the blood alter being undergrund?

2023-01-10 07:39:46

Thank you very much! I was getting about 34 threads per hour doing this method without the infinity outfit. Worked like a charm, much appreciated!

2023-01-07 02:14:51

This doesn't seem to work anymore. Without all of the buffs, i'm getting 4-8 threads per hour. Other commenters with the buffs are getting 10-20 per hour.

2023-01-01 17:56:36

My numbers are nowhere close to this

2022-07-08 09:01:18

Yeah I did this and got none from the astrals at all and 7 from the blood runs, so this guide is either outdated, or it was hotfixed without telling people.

and reading other comments same deal, maybe change the title to say Patched/Nerfed as this is an incorrect guide.

2022-06-03 17:34:15

im new and was wondering if the sealed large rune pouch can hold the rune essence? great vid! thank you!!

2022-05-02 01:48:03

I got thirty thread in three hours ;(

2022-04-29 21:04:57

Thx a lot mate helped out a lot only had 15 threads after 2hours of nats throw the abyss

2021-11-30 20:28:54

Maikeru, can you do a 10 hr version of k0eXE-NuFuc&t=0m00s 0:00 please

2021-09-28 03:05:37

This took me like 5 days

2021-09-23 01:41:46

Why use astral teleports? I don't have access to astrals. Do bloods do the same thing?

2021-09-19 08:33:12

Does this only work with astral or can it be any? (Or is it coz astral is closest to craft on tele?)

2021-09-09 14:37:31

Great guide as always. How pure essence is it on average for a large rune pouch?

2021-08-24 21:11:51

Another tip. If you have the full infinity ethereal set, you can configure the head to "previous teleport" and put in your action bar so no need to buy astral tabs. I noticed something dumb though. You still need to have a wicked hood in your bank in order to add extra teleports so keep that in mind.

2021-08-21 09:35:37


2021-08-15 14:01:58

It seems to me that this might've been silently patched. Did about an hour and got the extra xp at the astral altar, but didn't get any magical threads from it.

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