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Korea's Naming Problem



Описание видео:

A quick look at the many names of Korea and why we call it Korea in the first place. PATREON 🤍🤍patreon.com/tapakapa MERCH 🤍teespring.com/stores/tapakapas-little-merch-store TWITTER 🤍🤍twitter.com/tapakapa SUBREDDIT 🤍🤍reddit.com/r/tapakapa/ Sources: 🤍en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_Korea 🤍murawaki.org/misc/corea.html 🤍books.google.at/books?redir_esc=y&id=r15cAgAAQBAJ&q=cauli#v=snippet&q=cauli&f=false 🤍🤍dictionary.com/e/korea/ 🤍depts.washington.edu/silkroad/texts/rubruck.html 🤍archive.org/stream/lettersreceivedb02east/lettersreceivedb02east_djvu.txt 🤍en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korea 🤍🤍crwflags.com/fotw/flags/kr_hist.html 🤍it.wikisource.org/wiki/Milione/79 #Korea #Joseon #Hanguk #Name

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Korea's Naming Problem
Korea's Naming Problem
Korea's Naming Problem
Korea's Naming Problem
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-10-06 04:05:56

I feel like we should start calling North Korea "Choseon", South Korea "Hanguk" and Korean Peninsula "Choseon and Hanguk" and call the Korean language "Chosoen-Hanguk language".

2023-08-31 21:11:00

I wouldn't really call this a problem and especially not one specific to Korea, lots of nations, peoples, and places are called differently by others (exonyms) than they call themselves (endonyms). For example "Germany" and "Allemagne" vs "Deutschland", or "Georgia" vs "Sakartvelo". Indonesia is even called Indonesia in Indonesian even though the name is not Indonesian at all. Furthermore, your comparison to calling China "Qing" doesn't really work for your argument, since the name "China" that we do use also has nothing to do with the name the Chinese use for their country today, and "China" is actually thought to derive from an ancient Chinese state as well. I don't think you can say that only the native name is correct, or suggest that other countries "refused" to change their name for the country out of spite or xenophobia or something, it's just a thing that naturally happens that different languages and cultures come to use different names for the same thing. As a side note, I don't think the "Corea" spelling could really have been misinterpreted as "Sorea" since the letter c is never pronounced that way before the letter o. We don't really know why the spelling was changed, though English spelling used to change quite a lot and pretty randomly; If I had to guess, it might be a hyperforeignism, since spellings with k insead of c are generally used for transliteration of Japanese and Korean and therefore might seem more "Asian".

2023-08-23 02:26:21

In Latin:
Corēa -- the country
Corēānus -- one born there
Corēāna -- the language

2023-08-14 22:45:08

i'd appriciate if u use tradition chinese for the word"han", not the degenerate character the CCP uses

2023-08-11 12:43:12

... I guess we're good with macanese and hong kongers lol

2023-08-11 00:39:10

There are a famous story of why did Corea changed into Korea. When Japan was ruling Korea, they didn't want to make Corea come before Japan in the Alphabetical order, so they have changed it into Korea. This is just a famous ''story'' so don't think it too seriously.

2023-08-10 08:41:46

Also "Koryo" is only at best, a guess at how to pronounce the characters 高麗, as before 1500, Korea only used Chinese characters and there was no records of how "高麗" would be pronounced in Korean back then in 918-1392. "Koryo" is merely the relatively modern (1800s+) pronunciation of "高麗". "Caule" may actually be more accurate, since those people are 1st hand sources.

Its as if we saw the alphabets "Bēowulf" and tried to apply modern pronunciations onto it, despite us not using "ē" today.

2023-08-10 08:34:46

The "Han" of the Han River that flows through Korea is actually the same "Han" as in "Han people" aka Chinese.

2023-08-10 05:50:46

새끼 ㅋ 모자 멋지네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2023-08-10 01:18:05

Because Japan refused to call Korea by its correct name


2023-08-08 16:07:23

in English : Korea
in Spanish : Corea
In French : Corée

in Korean : Hankuk
in Chinese : Hánguó
in Japanese : Kankoku

2023-08-08 11:52:56

한국. 한나라. 한민족. 한.

2023-08-06 04:04:08

당연히 자국을 부르는 이름과 타국이 해당국을 부르는 이름이 다른 건 이상하지 않다
하지만 남한/북한 or 남조선/북조선 네이밍은
삼한 - 대한 - 한이라는 계통과
고조선 - 조선이라는 계통과 연관돼 있고
현재 korea는 고구려 고려라는 계통과 연관돼 있어
각각의 이름들이 2000년 넘는 역사를 가지고 있다는 게 포인트다

2023-08-05 07:38:13

no one: ...
Tapakapa: no one: ...
Takapaka: Korea's Naming Problem

2023-07-29 06:15:00

I thought the naming problem was going to be about how Korea only seems to have 3 surnames.

2023-07-28 10:29:32

Xvqe5cq3Qx4&t=2m09s 2:09 Hey I didn't know that

2023-07-23 17:59:42

Xvqe5cq3Qx4&t=2m55s 2:55 Bitch's hat is fucking cool lmao

2023-07-21 10:31:51

There was old Joseon before 3 Hans

2023-07-21 09:28:44

Video simplified: Blame Japan, USA and Soviet

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