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Next Level Heritage: 1 MONTH with Red Wing "SAWMILL" 2927


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Red Wing in a Minute | Sawmill (EN)


The Sawmill sports all the bells and whistles of a Hiking Boot. Whether you’re wandering through the woods or through the city…this boot won’t let you down. Equipped with a classic Storm Welt for maximum Water Protection, an insulating Cambrelle Lining in the shoe and a Wool insole, this boot withstands any weather condition. Made in Red Wing, Minnesota. USA 🤍

The Winter Boot: Red Wing "Sawmill" 2927


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Redwing Boots Review - Sawmill 2926/2927


Coming from the heritage collection Red Wing brings you their latest model Sawmill Boots in a brown colour. With Cambrelle lining providing you with comfort and moisture control, including Goodyear welted feature with the added storm welt to keep the cold and wet out. To keep your feet nice and warm these boots have felted wool covered footbed and crafted from Briar Oil Slick leather these are the ultimate boots to own. Stuartslondon Product Code: 50653 & 50654

Red Wing "All Natural Boot Oil" Treating the Sawmill 2927


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Ranking my RED WING BOOTS Collection from WORST to BEST [2022]


I'm ranking my Red Wing boots collection from worst to best, or from my least favorite to my most favorite. I'm comparing the Red Wing Iron Ranger, Blacksmith, Classic Moc Toe, Sawmill, and the Classic Chelsea. Get the Red Wing Iron Ranger on Amazon → 🤍 Get the Red Wing Blacksmith → 🤍 Get the Red Wing Classic Moc Toe → 🤍 Get the Red Wing Classic Chelsea on Amazon → 🤍 Get the Red Wing Sawmill → 🤍 Over the years, I've started a Red Wing boots collection, including five of the brands most popular heritage boots. I wear some much more often than others, and I have a few clear favorites. If you're thinking about getting a pair of Red Wings, make sure you watch this video to the end, because I'm putting my collection in order of worst to best. If you're looking for the best Red Wing boots, I've got your list here. Watch my 1 year review of the Red Wing Iron Ranger → 🤍 Watch my Red Wing Blacksmith review → 🤍 Watch my Red Wing Classic Moc Toe review → 🤍 Watch my Red Wing Classic Chelsea review → 🤍 Watch the Red Wing Iron Ranger vs Blacksmith boot battle → 🤍 Read my Iron Ranger review → 🤍 Read my Blacksmith review → 🤍 Read my Classic Moc Toe review → 🤍 Read my Classic Chelsea review → 🤍 Read my Red Wing Boots sizing guide → 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:21 Best Red Wing Boots Overview 1:15 Red Wing Classic Chelsea 3:04 Red Wing Classic Moc toe 4:45 Red Wing Blacksmith 5:45 Red Wing Sawmill 8:25 Red Wing Iron Ranger #RedWing #IronRangers #BestRedWingBoots Disclosure: The links above are affiliate links. If you click it and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no additional cost to you. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

The BEST Red Wing Boot for Winter*


The BEST Red Wing Boot for Winter* (US customers). The 4585 8in boot is a close competitor to the Sawmill. The Sawmill has some nice touches with the wool footbed and fabric lining which wicks moisture for you rascals with sweaty feet! Instagram: 🤍cjcookofficial Email: triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: 🤍CJCook20

Red Wing in a Minute | Sawmill (DE)


Mit dem Sawmill ist es Red Wing nun gelungen einen outdoortauglichen Boot mit Wanderschuhoptik zu präsentieren. Ob in der Natur oder in der Stadt. Dieser Schuh hat überall seine Funktion. Ausgestattet mit einer klassischen Storm Welt für einen maximalen Schutz vor Wasser, einer isolierenden Cambrelle Fütterung, die einen perfekten Feuchtigkeitshaushalt im Schuh garantiert und einer Woll-Einlage ist dieser Schuh jedem Wetter und jeder Temperatur gewappnet. Made in Red Wing, Minnesota. USA 🤍

5 Best Winter Boots for Men (2022) | BootSpy


These are the 5 best winter boots this winter (2022). Thank you to Fox River Socks for sponsoring this video. Get your Fox River Socks → 🤍 Get the Thursday Boots Explorer → 🤍 Get the Grant Stone Brass → 🤍 Get the Red Wing Sawmill → 🤍 Get the Allen Edmonds Silverlake Logger → 🤍 Get the Jim Green Razorback on Amazon → 🤍 Winter boots need a little more traction, a little more weatherproofing, and a little tougher leather in order to stand up to the winter weather. Watch my Thursday Explorer review → 🤍 Watch my Grant Stone Brass review → 🤍 Read my Thursday Explorer review → 🤍 Read my Grant Stone Brass review → 🤍 Read our Jim Green Razorback review → 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:20 Thursday Explorer 1:30 Grant Stone Brass 3:09 Red Wing Sawmill 4:50 Fox River Socks 6:09 Allen Edmonds Silverlake Logger 7:04 Jim Green Razorback #winterboots #mensboots #winterfashion Disclosure: The links above are affiliate links. If you click it and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no additional cost to you. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

The Red Wing Boot that caused chaos at the store (2937 Lineman) + The Best Reason to Wear Boots!


The Red Wing 2937 Lineman in Hawthorne Muleskinner Leather. Super gorgeous boots! I would love to wear these in the desert or on safari, they would be the perfect companion. Instagram: 🤍givecjaminute Email: triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: CJCook20

Red Wing Roughneck 2942 | ONE YEAR REVIEW


RED WING ROUGHNECK BOOTS: 🤍 RED WING LEATHER CREAM: 🤍 Red Wing Leather Conditioner: 🤍 Red Wing Mink Oil: 🤍 Red Wing Leather Protector: 🤍 Red Wing Heritage Brush: 🤍 PRODUCTS TO CONSIDER BEST WORK GLOVES: 🤍 CEDAR BOOT SHOE TREES: 🤍 Horsehair Brush: 🤍 Venetian Shoe Cream: 🤍 Saphir Leather Greasy Cream: 🤍 Bickmore Bick 4: 🤍 Fiebing's Edge Dressing: 🤍 WAYS TO SUPPORT -Send Financial Support via PayPal: 🤍 -CHECK OUT OUR PRODUCTS: 🤍 -Shop on our eBay Story: 🤍 RECCOMENDED VIDEOS: Nicks Boots:🤍 Redwing Cleaning: 🤍 Roughneck Unboxing: 🤍 Cobbler Video: 🤍 FOLLOW US: YouTube: 🤍 Facebook Page: 🤍GentlemansJourneynow Twitter: 🤍GentlemansJour3 Instagram: 🤍mygentlemansjourney Email: gentlemansjourneynow🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help us make it to our next interview and keep bringing you exciting content. Thanks for the support!! ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In this video we discuss how the Redwing Roughneck boots have held up over the past year. Listen in as we discuss the fit, build quality and durability of these iconic boots. Do these hold up to the Redwing name and the Roughneck attitude, let’s find out! What boot would you like to see us review next? Music Used: Giant Moon by Vendredi 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 #REDWINGBOOTS #REDWINGBOOTCO #REDWINGBOOT

Did Red Wing Fail...?


My review of the not so popular Red Wing 2964 Moc Toe. It is a boot I 100% wanted to happen but did not seem to sell well for the company. Nonetheless, I am super pleased with this boot. The comfort level straight out of the box is ridiculous! Instagram: 🤍givecjaminute I purchased this boots at 🤍

How I Style The Red Wing 8146 Roughneck in Briar Oil Slick Leather


I show how I style the Roughneck in a different way instead of the usual chambray, flannel and denim goto. I review the Red Wing 8146 Roughneck. It is the perfect boot for Fall/Winter. Instagram: 🤍cjcookofficial Email: triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: 🤍CJCook20

11 BOOT RULES Every MAN Must Know | How Many Do You Know?


Do you know your boot rules? We're covering 11 essential boot rules that every man needs to know if they want to find high quality footwear and take care of it. These rules cover everything from boot care, leather cleaning, what to look for in a good pair of boots, and more. If you're interested in any of the boots, shoe trees, or leather conditioners featured in this video, check the links below: Get the Thursday Boots Logger → 🤍 Get the Red Wing Iron Ranger on Amazon → 🤍 Get the Thursday Boots President → 🤍 Get the Grant Stone Brass Boot → 🤍 Get your Horse Hair Brush Cleaning Kit on Amazon → 🤍 Get Bick 4 Leather Conditioner on Amazon → 🤍 Get Saphir Renovateur on Amazon → 🤍 Get Venetian Leather Balm on Amazon → 🤍 Get Stratton Cedar Shoe Trees on Amazon → 🤍 To skip ahead to any of these 11 critical boot rules, use the timestamps below: 0:00 Intro 0:24 Use Cedar Shoe Trees 1:38 Condition Early and Often 3:46 Don't Buy Cheap 4:03 Don't Tuck in Your Jeans 4:14 Avoid Cemented Soles 5:01 Don't Damage the Leather Heel 5:45 Goodyear Welts Aren't Everything 6:23 Clean Your Welts 6:56 Get a Variety of Leather Conditioners 8:00 Get a Variety of Boots 9:27 Wear the Appropriate Pants #goodyearwelt #boots #mensstyle These are the 5 Best Boots for Men in 2022 → 🤍 Disclosure: The links above are affiliate links. If you click it and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no additional cost to you. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Red Wing's made in China, now? Moc Toe review, Shocking boots, Shocking after-sale's!!!


A review for those who are considering Red Wing. Their quality has fallen through the floor. Their after sales is appalling! These boots were apparently made by a guy with only one hand, that missed a few fingers, and had arthritis. Dominik Hoegger (Red Wing's top guy) pretty much goaded me!

Are You Styling Your Red Wing Boots Wrong?


Here's how to style Red Wing boots (at least how I like to do it...) Check out a few of my favorite clothing brands/items below. Get the Flint and Tinder Flannel Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket → 🤍 Shop Raleigh Denim → 🤍 Shop Taylor Stitch → 🤍 See a few more ways to style the Red Wing Iron Ranger → 🤍 Watch my Red Wing Iron Ranger review → 🤍 Watch my Red Wing Classic Moc review → 🤍 Watch my Red Wing Classic Chelsea review → 🤍 See my favorite alternatives to the Iron Ranger → 🤍 See me rank my Red Wing boots from worst to best → 🤍 Watch my Red Wing boots sizing guide → 🤍 Read my in-depth Red Wing boots sizing guide → 🤍 Read my Red Wing Iron Ranger review → 🤍 Read my Red Wing Classic Moc review → 🤍 Read my Red Wing Classic Chelsea review → 🤍 Here's how to make Red Wing boots last longer → 🤍 0:00 Overview 0:14 How to Style Iron Rangers 1:32 How to Style the Classic Moc 2:58 How to Style the Classic Chelsea #redwing #goodyearwelt #mensfashion Disclosure: The links above are affiliate links. If you click it and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

THE 10 BEST WINTER BOOTS FOR MEN (that actually look good!)


* FULL ARTICLE/PICTURES: 🤍 ✰ Also, check out my 10 Best Boots On the Market! 🤍 * Links below! If you've ever looked for boots that can handle a winter, you know that most of them are puffy, lumpy, and not too easy on the eyes. This is the list of the best stylish winter boots I wish I had when I first moved to New York City from the tropics, all arranged from cheapest to most expensive. 1. Thursday Boot Company: Legend ($199 - 🤍 With better grip than most Thursday boots and made with an extra weather resistant, oil tanned "Rugged and Resilient" leather, this is Thursday's best value boot for winter. I like Chelseas for their ease of putting on, but if you want to spend an extra $50 you can get their 8-inch high Explorer boot as well. Pros: Great value, extra weather resistant leather, grippier than most Thursdays Cons: Not a storm welt, fewer leathers available than other Thursday boots 2. Meermin 114787 Softcalf E ($275 - 🤍 A dressier boot that's easy to wear to the office, this snappy boot is fully lined with shearling wool to keep your toes toasty warm and it's made with calfskin from the famous Tannerie D'annonay. Pros: Dressy, lined with wool, storm welt Cons: Not super grippy or versatile 3. Red Wing Sawmill ($340 - 🤍 Unlike most Red Wing boots, the Sawmill is lined with felt, it's got a water resistant storm welt, and it's extremely grippy — this is the Red Wing Heritage boot for winter. Pros: Storm welt, moisture wicking lining, felt footbed, grippy sole Cons: Not super versatile 4. Vemodale Design Saint Denis - Duotöne (295€/~$350 - 🤍 Made by a family in Northern Sweden — not too far from the Arctic Circle — this is a beautiful boot that stands out not just for its design but also its Arctic Grip sole, which may be the best sole on Earth for icy conditions. Pros: Storm welt, maybe the best sole for ice, small family-owned shop Cons: Takes 1-2 months to be made, not insulated 5. Rancourt Freeman Boot ($450 - 🤍 My pick for the best looking winter boot, this guy is made with a storm welt, a grippy Vibram Kletterlift sole, it's 8 inches high, and it's lined with shearling. Also, it's just the best looking boot. Pros: 8 inches high, lined with shearling, made with storm welt, grippy Cons: Takes 3-4 weeks to be made 6. Allen Edmonds Himalaya Shearling Boot ( $495 - 🤍 A dressy twist on the side zip boot design, Allen Edmonds' boot is made with gorgeous Chromexcel leather but it's extra functional: it comes with a storm welt and it's fully lined with shearling. Pros: Pretty dressy, classic leather, lined with shearling Cons: Not very grippy 7. Russell Double Vamp Birdshooter ($450-$652 - 🤍 This one takes anywhere from 12 to 20 weeks to be made, so it's not ideal for a lot of guys, but it makes up for it with the option of 400 grams of Thinsulate, plus it comes with a unique double vamp for extra water resistance. Pros: Double vamp for water resistance, insulated, Aspen Gumlite sole Cons: Can take up to 5 months 8. Wesco Hendrik ($678+ - 🤍 Everything here can be customized, and to make the best boots for winter, I'd pick a 7-inch tall Hendrik with Thinsulate and a Vibram Raptor sole. If you keep everything else pretty basic the cost is $678, plus you can customize the thread color, every piece of leather, the works. Pros: Fully customizable, can have 400g Thinsulate and Vibram Raptor sole Cons: Takes 12 weeks to be made 9. Viberg Hiker Fog Waxed Veldt ($710 - 🤍 Viberg suggested this as their best winter boot: it's lined with Thinsulate, it's got extra volume for thick socks/liners, and super water resistant. Pros: Single piece of leather, water resistant split welt, extra volume for liners Cons: Not the grippiest sole 10. Crockett & Jones' Ross ($725 - 🤍 The fanciest shoe company that makes James Bond's oxfords, this is ultra dressy, comes with a suede collar for warmth, looks beautiful, and is very water resistant. Pros: Waterproof waxed leather, grippy, storm welt Cons: Expensive, not insulated 00:00 Intro 01:07 Best Value Winter Boot: Thursday Boot Company Legend 02:14 Thursday Boot Company's Explorer 02:33 Best Lined Winter Boot: Meermin 114787 Softcalf E 03:22 Best Red Wing Winter Boot: The Sawmill 04:26 Best Boot for Ice: Vemodalen Design Saint Denis - Duotöne 05:26 Best Looking Winter Boot: Rancourt Freeman 06:24 Best Side Zip Winter Boot: Allen Edmonds Himalaya 07:21 Best Moc Toe for Winter: Russell Double Vamp Birdshooter 08:03 Best Custom Winter Boot: Wesco Hendrik 08:57 Best Viberg Winter Boot: Hiker Fog Waxed Veldt 10:08 Best Luxury Winter Boot: Crockett & Jones Ross #bestwinterboots #bestwinterbootsformen #beststylishwinterboots #bestbootsforsnow #bestbootsforice

30 Red Wing Iron Rangers! The MOST popular Red Wing Heritage Boot


I list and show the MOST popular Red Wing Heritage boot. The Iron Rangers Instagram: 🤍givecjaminute Email: triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: CJCook20

The GREATEST Red Wing Heritage Collection in North America & Europe Part II


Here ya go Part II of my Red Wing Heritage Collection. This one has some goodies! Instagram: 🤍cjcookofficial Email: triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: CJCook20

Why People Are Pissed At Red Wing


Use Code “ROSEANVIL” for $50 Dollars Off All Skull Bliss Products! Valid April 12th - 21st Ram Skull: 🤍 Buffalo Skull: 🤍 Longhorn: 🤍 Shop all: 🤍 Red Wing Iron Ranger Traction Wedge Review - Red Wing just released their first Iron Ranger with a wedge sole and they released the iron ranger in Oro legacy leather for the first time ever. So why are people so upset at Red Wing? There is something new about the way they make their boots that might be a sign of the end of what made Red Wing so great or it could just be Red Wing trying out a new style of boot that is objectively more comfortable and easier to break in. In this video I am going to cut apart Red Wings new iron ranger to see what’s inside and see if people have the right to be pissed at Red Wing. BUY THESE BOOTS: Iron Ranger - 🤍 Iron Ranger Traction Tread - 🤍 VIDEOS MENTIONED: Stridewise + Red Wing Video - 🤍 Nike Air Max Cut In Half - 🤍 Worn Out Moc Toes Cut In Half: 1000 Mile Danner Bull Run Review - 🤍 1000 Mile Red Wing Review - 🤍 1000 Mile White’s Perry Review - 🤍 1000 Mile Thursday Diplomat Review - 🤍 1000 Mile Thorogood Wedge Review - 🤍 Thursday Captain Boot Cut In Half - 🤍 ROSE ANVIL LINKS: WEBSITE - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 PATREON - 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 1:18 Skull Bliss Ad 2:33 Cut In Half 3:32 Leather Info 4:06 Lining Info 4:55 Construction Info 5:33 Lower Quality Materials? 7:33 Analysis #redwing

The GREATEST Red Wing Heritage Collection in North America & Europe Part I


I FINALLY show my collection of Red Wing Heritage boots. I have the GREATEST Red Wing Heritage Collection in North America & Europe. Instagram: 🤍cjcookofficial Email: Triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: 🤍CJCook20

Truly Waterproof? Red Wing "Irishsetter" 8864 - 12 MONTHS ON


Use "DR10" to save 10% here: 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON INSTA: 🤍 Support the channel by checking out my recommended products here: 🤍

QUALITY CONTROL ISSUES? Red Wing 8847 "Black Cherry Excalibur" Moc Toe


Start your Japanese denim journey at 🤍 and getting 10% off your first purchase by using code "DEVONDENIMIO" (remember to log in to your account before applying the code!) Use "DR10" to save 10% here: 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON INSTA: 🤍



Wondering how to style your Red Wing Iron Rangers? This video shows you five of my favorite Red Wing Iron Ranger outfits. Get the Red Wing Iron Ranger on Amazon → 🤍 I've added links to all the pieces in these outfits below, so if you're interested, you can pop over and pick up some new swag. Outfit #1: Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket → 🤍 Taylor Stitch Chinos → 🤍 Citizen Chandler → 🤍 Outfit #2: Outerknown Blanket Shirt → 🤍 Outerknown S.E.A Jeans → 🤍 Outerknown Sojourn Tee → 🤍 VAER D5 → 🤍 Outfit #3: Gap Jeans → 🤍 Gap Henley → 🤍 Gap Stretch Denim Shirt → 🤍 Citizen Promaster Diver → 🤍 Outfit #4: HNLY Shirts → 🤍 Banana Republic Shirts → 🤍 Outfit #5: Everlane Overshirts (Discontinued) VAER C5 → 🤍 When I'm styling my Iron Rangers, I avoid picking jeans or chinos that have too much taper below the knee. While I usually like more taper below the knee, anything like a skinny jean will make your feet look oversized. If you wear skinnier cut jeans, I'd rock the Thursday Captain instead (video on how to style that coming soon). But for the Red Wing Iron Ranger, a slim fit is the most tapered I go. While jeans are the obvious choice with Iron Rangers, I actually like pairing my Red Wings with chinos more. There's a sort of military aesthetic that looks awesome in my opinion. 0:00 Intro 0:17 Red Wing Iron Ranger Style Overview 0:45 Outfit 1 2:25 Outfit 2 4:17 Bonus Outfit 4:25 Outfit 3 6:00 HNLY Shirts 7:07 Outfit 4 8:32 Outfit 5 Watch my one year review of the Red Wing Iron Ranger → 🤍 Want to know whether to stack or cuff your jeans with the Red Wing Iron Ranger? Watch → 🤍 How to clean your Red Wing Iron Rangers → 🤍 #RedWing #IronRangers #howtostyleboots Disclosure: The links above are affiliate links. If you click it and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no additional cost to you. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Top 10 Things to Know Before You Buy! - (Red Wing vs Thorogood) - 5 Min. Showdown


Get your Magic Spoon Cereal variety pack with FREE SHIPPING with the code "ROSEANVIL" at checkout 🤍 Red Wing vs Thorogood Boot Review Comparison - Is Red Wing Classic Moc Boot better than Thorogood 6" Moc Boot is a question I see a lot in the comment section since starting this moc toe boot series. There are a lot of people who have done the Thorogood Redwing comparison before but no one has ever talked about it from the perspective of what's inside of them. So i made a list of the top 10 things that will help you decide between the Red Wings and Thorogoods. Red Wing Review (Cut In Half) Vid- 🤍 Thorogood Review (Cut In Half) Vid- 🤍 ASMR Cleaning Vid - 🤍 Red Wing Sizing Vid - 🤍 Buy These Boots (Red Wing) - 🤍 Buy These Boots (Thorogood) - 🤍 WEBSITE - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 PATREON - 🤍

THE 5 BEST RED WING BOOTS (according to Red Wing employees!)


Sorry the audio is just so-so, guys, we don't have enough microphones to interview this many people! ⬇️ * Full article: 🤍 ✰ Check out my 10 Best Boots On the Market: 🤍 * SHOP SOME THESE BOOTS AT RED WING HERITAGE NYC HERE: 🤍 * Subscribe to 🤍CJCook ! * SHOP these boots: 5. The Classic Moc 1907: 🤍 4. The 8inch 877 Moc: 🤍 3. The Iron Ranger 8111: 🤍 2. The Blacksmith 3343: 🤍 1. The 875 Moc Toe: 🤍 This is it! After years and years of making videos about boots, here we have the country's most hotly debated list: which are the best Red Wing boots? I didn't want to try to answer this question alone, so I went straight to the source: Red Wing Heritage NYC, where I not only asked a Red Wing vlogger (🤍CJCook ) his opinion but the owner of Red Wing Heritage NYC Joe Boudreau and his less-invested-and-therefore-maybe-more-impartial? sales associate Kyle Foxworth for their opinions. It resulted in a bloody, drawn-out battle that scarred us all deeply buy we landed on it: the best Red Wing boots. Enjoy! 00:00 Who are these guys? 01:15 The Red Wing 1907 Classic Moc 04:28 The 877 8-inch Classic Moc Toe 06:13 The 8111 Iron Ranger 08:26 The 3343 Blacksmith 10:20 The 875 Moc Toe #bestredwingboots #redwingboots #bestredwings

A Red Wing Boot I REALLY REALLY Wanted!


The Red Wing 2940 in Oro Russet. An 8 inch Round Toe boot with the coolness of a logger and the comfort of a sneaker. I know I call it a Farmer but it has a different heel counter and more closer to just an 8 inch Round Toe which was only released in Japan. Instagram: 🤍givecjaminute Email: triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: 🤍CJCook20

Red Wing 2937 Lineman RESOLE MAGIC! + 3344 Blacksmith + 8111 Iron Ranger Update


Cobbler Info: Northern Republic 🤍 Instagram: 🤍givecjaminute Email: triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: 🤍CJCook20

The Frank Miller Lumber Quartersawing Process


Frank Miller Lumber specializes in producing the finest quartersawn American hardwood, including white oak, red oak, cherry, hard maple, and walnut. Frank Miller Lumber’s quartersawn hardwood production process begins in the log yard. Logs are selected and carried to the debarking station, the first step in turning hand-selected timber into quartersawn lumber. For more information, visit 🤍 Video produced by ruef design (🤍

Boot Oil vs Mink Oil - What's Best for Red Wing Heritage Boots?


✪ SEE MY LIST OF THE 10 BEST BOOTS, PERIOD: 🤍 ✪ RED WING MINK OIL: 🤍 RED WING BOOT OIL: 🤍 RED WING LEATHER CREAM: 🤍 RED WING IRON RANGER BOOTS: 🤍 READ MY FULL ARTICLE: 🤍 WATCH MY TOP 5 FAVORITE BOOTS HERE: 🤍 Guys, don’t make the same mistake I did with my Red Wing Iron Rangers. Darkening your leather doesn’t *damage* it, but if you want them to maintain their color and attain a rich patina as they age, you need to use the right products. There are a lot of mixed messages out there about how to properly care for your boots and which products work best for different purposes. To help clear the air, I spoke to no less than six Red Wing representatives around the United States to try and find out the answer, here’s what I found out. Note that while you’ll get different advice for some of their fancier, smooth finished leathers like the Teak Featherstone, all the Red Wing reps I spoke to said these tips will work on any of the oil tanned leathers produced for Red Wing Heritage boots. Ingredients Mink Oil: Mink oil, lanolin, silicone, and some other ingredients. (Red Wing, like most companies, is cagey about revealing the precise formula of these products.) Boot Oil: Mink oil, pine pitch, no silicone. CHECK OUT MY FIRST EVER REVIEW: THE RED WING IRON RANGER 🤍 Effects For an animal fat, mink oil is really high in unsaturated fat but it’s very stable and unlikely to ever go rancid, so it makes for a useful fat for moisturizing boots. Mink oil is generally used to make boots weather resistant: it clogs the leather pores and makes something of a barrier that helps to protect the boots from water and muck. It also darkens the leather. Note that this doesn’t mean you’ve damaged the leather, it’s just changed color. For many people, all they want is boots that can withstand a beating and they don’t care about the color darkening. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you don’t want them to darken, is Boot Oil better? Not really, because it contains mink oil as well. The pine pitch appears to help the mink oil to last longer on the boot so it may require fewer applications and may be more useful for extreme temperatures. Preserving color Red Wing’s Leather Cream is what you want for that. It’s made from neatsfoot oil — the rendered shin and feet bones of cattle — and it moisturizes the leather without darkening it. It’s a gentler product, the flipside of a cream that doesn’t penetrate the leather quite as profoundly as the other products is that it might need more frequent applications: every month or two, depending on how hard you wear them. And how much you care about all this stuff. The Takeaway Mink Oil and Boot Oil are great for weatherproofing and conditioning, and Boot Oil may last longer on the boot. (Red Wing’s Leather Conditioner, by the way, is the same as the Boot Oil with some beeswax added.) If you’re more about lustre and patina, go with the Leather Cream. DON’T MISS MY REVIEW OF MY FIRST EVER PAIR OF BOOTS, RED WING’S MOC TOES: 🤍



What's the best way to style jeans with your boots? I break down six of the most popular ways to wear your jeans with boots, including how to stack, pinroll, cuff, roll, and more. I mention a few denim brands in this video. My favorite pair of jeans right now is from Outerknown. Get the Outerknown S.E.A Selvedge Jean → 🤍 The main boot I'm wearing in this video is the Thursday President. Get the Thursday President → 🤍 I'm also wearing the Red Wing Iron Ranger and the Ace Marks Troy (the Chelsea boot) Get the Red Wing Iron Ranger → 🤍 Get the Ace Marks Troy → 🤍 There are dozens of ways to style your jeans with boots. The most important thing to consider is your body type and the kind of jeans you're comfortable wearing. In this video, I discuss the "stacked" jeans method, which is usually done with a pair of skinny fit jeans. I'm not a huge fan of skinny fit jeans myself as I'm over the age of 30 and my thighs are a bit large, so I just looked stuffed. But skinny jeans are a solid option for younger guys and skinny dudes. My preference is for a classic slim fit jean. Not too much room in the thighs, but also not skin tight. I think most men should at least try a slim fit, even if you're heavier set. You may need to try a few different denim brands to find a fit that works well for your style and comfort needs. But the most important thing is that your jeans make your boots look awesome. 0:00 Intro 0:45 Stacked Jeans 3:50 Cuff & Roll 4:53 Pinroll 5:56 No Break 6:34 Selvedge Cuff 7:25 Difference Between Selvedge and Non-Selvedge Denim Watch our video "13 Types of Boots Every Man Must Know" → 🤍 Watch our video "11 Essential Boot Rules" → 🤍 See the 5 Best Boots for Men in 2022 → 🤍 #denim #boots #selvedge Disclosure: The links above are affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no additional cost to you. All opinions are our own.

Oil Tanned Leather Care with Red Wing Heritage


Caring for your Red Wing Heritage boots is as easy as: Clean. Condition. Protect. Our oil-tanned leather is made with minimal finishing materials, creating a distinctive patina that looks better year after year. With proper care, Red Wing Heritage footwear can last for years. Learn more with our Care Guide: 🤍

Red Wing Shoes Presents: Marching to a Different Drum- Leather Tanning


Follow the installation of a new wooden tanning drum at Red Wing Shoe Company’s S.B. Foot leather tanning facility. Tanning drums are huge round containers used to tan leather hides in various solutions within a slowly rotating drum. The tanning process takes several hours or days and occurs inside a drum that weighs up to six tons without the hides. Learn more about Red Wing Shoes: 🤍 Find your nearest Red Wing Store: 🤍

The DIY Sawmill Works Awesome!!! (Milling Beams For Porch)


Instagram: 🤍redpoppyranch 🤍 contact: redpoppyranch98🤍 🤍 Finally fixed the homemade sawmill up and got it going. Milled Beams for porch. 🤍 Contact: Redpoppyranch98🤍 Music:

Red Wing Heritage - How to care for Oil Tanned leather boots.


Red Wing Oil tanned leather is water, stain and perspiration resistant, is exceptionally durable and has been used to build countless work boots throughout Red Wing Shoe Company's 110+ year history. Visit 🤍 for detailed information on our care-items.

Little Ripper Sawmill, Turn Your Bandsaw Into a Mini Sawmill Cutting 8' long 14" Thick EthAnswers


Ethan shows how he has set up his Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw into a mini sawmill using the Little Ripper Sawmill Package. Capable of holding 8' long 14" tall. Little Ripper Sawmill Pkg - 🤍

The Red Wing Boot for those HOT Summer Months


I talk about the Red Wing Boots I wear during those HOT Summer months. I show the 9 boots I own and wear during the Summer and the boot/shoes which Red Wing offers. Sooo, there is no excuse not to have on a Red Wing Heritage boot! Hahahaha! Instagram: 🤍cjcookofficial Email: triplestitch3340🤍

How to Apply Red Wing's Naturseal (Step by Step)


Ready to condition your work boots? We break down the process of how to apply Red Wing's Naturseal, along with all of the steps needed to do so. See the article here: 🤍 Step 1: Clean the boot (00:27) Step 2: Dry off the boot (1:43) Step 3: Apply Naturseal (2:30) Questions, comments, concerns? Email us at support🤍

Red Wing 4585 Logger in Briar Oil Slick Leather + Benjamin + The Stetson Open Road


I am extremely excited about this boot. The Red Wing 4585 Logger is going to make walking through snow a slush a cinch this coming winter. The 8 inch Vibram lug sole and the Briar Oil Slick Leather makes this boot an easy favorite. Instagram: 🤍cjcookofficial Email: triplestitch3340🤍 Twitter: 🤍CJCook20

Traction Tred Lite - Designer Video - Red Wing Shoes


See the design and inspiration for the Traction Tred Lite from Red Wing Shoes. Classic styling with welt construction and iconic flat-bottomed sole in a new lightweight and modern design. Learn more at 🤍

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