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Wikia colors is speed [Gas Gas Gas] - Tower Defense Simulator [Every Cc YT) Roblox


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Vlad and simple rules for children


Vlad and mother spent all day together: in a cafe, toy store, pet store. Vlad teases animals, champs loudly, runs around in the store, and his mother tells him how to behave. In the Outdoor playground at the end of the day, kids can do whatever whey want. Please Subscribe! VLAD Instagram - 🤍 NIKITA Instagram - 🤍

Fire Emblem Wikia is Scum


Sometimes people ask why I hate the Fire Emblem Wikia. Why don't I just help to make it better instead of bashing it? Answers in this video. Fire Emblem WOD: 🤍 Serenes Forest: 🤍 Good Wiki: 🤍 Pitfalls Episode: 🤍 BGM: Islands by Pyrosion 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden) by - Kubbi 🤍 Harmony by Ikson 🤍 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍

Vlad and Nikita share toys


Vlad and Nikita can not share their toys. Mom helps children and finds a way to divide the toys in half. Please Subscribe! VLAD Instagram - 🤍 NIKITA Instagram - 🤍

Largest Wikia Communities


How have Wikia communities changed in the last three and a half years? Some have grown, while others have shrunk. Color Key: 🔴 Red = Comics 🔶 Orange = Lifestyle 💛 Yellow = Books 💚 Green = Games 🗽 Blue-green = Music 🔵 Blue = TV 💜 Purple = Movies 👅 Magenta = Other All Wikia communities can be reached by adding "dot wikia dot com" to the end of their names. Twitter: 🤍 GIRL NAMES: 🤍 BOY NAMES: 🤍 POSTERS: 🤍 We've got a lot coming soon. You can subscribe to stay updated with our new videos! °◯◦○ ⒶⒷⒶⒸⒶⒷⒶ ○◦◯° Music: "Starbound" by Itro x Valcos 🤍 Data Source: Wikia Activity Monitor 🤍 By Cary Huang © Abacaba 2015

Earning the Impossible Badge on Fandom (Wikia)


In order to get this badge, you have to edit a Wiki every day consistently for 100 days; this badge is only given to loyal Wikia members



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Wikia (FANDOM) Layout Changes Evolution 2004-2020 (WARNING: Nostalgic)


This is the evolution of the Wikia site, which was recently renamed to "FANDOM". To be honest, I loved the Wikia site and its wikis between 2004-2015, but since 2016 it's not good anymore. :-( And before the 2010s, Wikia was much more peaceful than the later years - it felt more like Wikipedia, there were no/less ads, Wikia cared about their users, and admins and other people did not fight with each other), now it's no longer like that and it's so sad...:-( I know the Wikia site and its wikis since around December 2013 or so, so the designs of 2013-2014 always make me feel nostalgia...I mostly remember the "Video Games (blue menu), Entertainment (green menu), Lifestyle (orange)" menus, and also the sections on every wiki which were saying "On the Wiki, ..." Also, I did notice how Wikia over the years changed like Youtube. The layout changes followed a similar way, and they have also gotten worse (early years were simple, quiet & peaceful, like there is freedom, and the later years feel harsher & conflicted like there is a dictatorship) Errors with this video: 1) Yes, I know there is no 2009 site, but that's because I failed to find a properly saved version on the Wayback Machine. 2) There are supposed to be images under the refresh button between the 2012-2015, however they are not saved on the Wayback Machine. You can find most of the versions of Wikia and your favourite wikis and other websites here: Background Music: Hikari no Senritsu - Sora no woto OP [Animenz Piano] (I tried to choose a song that makes me feel nostalgic and is short, also that is the first Animenz video) Editing Software: VEGAS Pro 17, also I used Photoshop CS4 to make the classic borders photo My Wikia Website: CONSTIFF 2.0 Website: © 2020 Constiff. All Rights Reserved. Version 2.0 BETA Current Version (Official/Beta): 1.2.1/2.0 BETA



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Meet Alice! - An Introduction - Sword Art Online Wikia


Meet Alice Zuberg, one of the main characters of Sword Art Online Alicization and the childhood friend of Kirito and Eugeo! Talented at Sacred Arts, Alice changed the lives of the trio overnight! 🐤 Follow SAO Wikia on twitter for the latest news! - 🤍 🔔 For more information on Sword Art Online, make sure to visit Sword Art Online Wikia! - 🤍 Written by Gamerturk and TUSF of SAO Wikia and edited by Gamerturk for the uses of Sword Art Online Wikia, by embedding it on their pages. Not to be reproduced by Fandom or any of their video content teams. Meet Alice Zuberg, the golden haired girl from the northern village of Rulid in Underworld. The daughter of the village elder Gasfut Zuberg, Alice is one of the main characters of Sword Art Online Alicization and is the childhood friend of Kirito and Eugeo. Ever since she was little, the girl with sparkling blue eyes was very talented at Sacred Arts, a form of magic known to the citizens of the Human Empire. Instead of receiving her Calling at the age of 10 like everyone else, she was tasked with practicing Sacred Arts in the village church. Despite her busy schedule, she would still find time to bring Kirito and Eugeo something to eat for lunch, while they were busy with their Calling of felling the Gigas Cedar. She also had an adventurous side that caused the trio trouble from time to time, but this nature of hers would soon bring an end to their peaceful days. During one of their adventures where the trio traveled to the End Mountains to gather ice, they stumbled upon the bones of a dragon and its treasures, but soon became lost. Finding themselves on the wrong side of the mountain, they witnesses a battle between two dragon-mounted knights. Witnessing the defeat of the Dark Knight as he reached out for help, the caring Alice attempted to help—and crossed a line that would change the trio’s lives. She had breached the Taboo Index, the absolute law of the Human Realm that no one could break. She had to be brought before the Axiom Church for her sentencing... 6 years later, Kirito and Eugeo heard a nostalgic voice, when they were on the brink of death. Was it just their imagination, or was it something more... Something real... For more information about Alice or Sword Art Online Alicization, visit Sword Art Online Wikia or follow us on twitter 🤍SAO_Wikia for the most recent news on the series! #SwordArtOnline #SAOWikia #Alicization #Alice

Meet Sortiliena Serlut! - An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia


Meet Sortiliena Serlut, the "Walking Tactics Manual", Second Seat Elite Disciple and Kirito's mentor at the Imperial Swordcraft Academy of North Centoria! 🐤 Follow SAO Wikia on twitter for the latest news! - 🤍 🔔 For more information on Sword Art Online, make sure to visit Sword Art Online Wikia! - 🤍 Written and edited by Gamerturk for the uses of Sword Art Online Wikia, by embedding it on their pages. Not to be reproduced by Fandom or any of their video content teams. Meet Sortiliena Serlut, also known by her nickname Liena! She is the Second Seat Elite Disciple and the mentor of Kirito in her second year at the Imperial Swordcraft Academy of North Centoria. She is the rival of the First Seat Elite Disciple, Volo Levantein, but despite being known as the “Walking Tactics Manual” at the academy thanks to her fighting knowledge, she lost all 3 duels she has had against Volo and his High Norkian Style. During one of her chats with Kirito, Sortiliena opened up to him about how she always faltered at Volo’s last attack. Once upon a time, the Serlut family displeased the emperor of the Norlangarth Empire and were forbidden to use the common High Norkian Style of the Northern Empire, thus they were forced to invent their own Serlut Style. But the fighting style was not the reason why she faltered against Volo, yet it was not something she could quite figure out and she turned to Kirito for answers. Liena was aware that he was hiding something from her, so she asked Kirito to show her his true skills. Kirito responded with a promise… To demonstrate everything that the Aincrad Style has to offer the day after. But just an hour before their scheduled meeting the following day, Liena found out that Kirito had run into trouble against the First Seat Volo Levantein and was forced into a duel with real swords for disciplinary punishment. Not being able to interfere, all Liena could do was to remind Kirito of his promise: to show her everything the Aincrad Style had to offer. Can she learn what she is looking for? Can she bloom like a flower at the end of the year for graduation? For more information on Sortiliena Serlut or Sword Art Online Alicization, make sure to visit the Sword Art Online Wikia! Check out these other SAO Wikia Features that we know you’ll find useful or click on “Meet Volo Levantein!” for his perspective of the story! And don’t forget to follow us 🤍SAO_Wikia on twitter for the latest news on the series! #SwordArtOnline #SAOWikia #Alicization #Sortiliena

Meet Stacia, Goddess of Creation! - An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia


Meet Stacia, Super Account-01, known as the Goddess of Creation in Underworld. As Yuuki Asuna dives in with the abilities of Stacia, it becomes clear that even a Goddess has her limits! 🐤 Follow SAO Wikia on twitter for the latest news! - 🤍 🔔 For more information on Sword Art Online, make sure to visit Sword Art Online Wikia! - 🤍 Introduction/informational video scripted, recorded, edited by Gamerturk. QA by Gsimenas from the SAO Wikia. Meet Stacia, one of the 5 known Super Accounts of Project Alicization, referred to as the Goddess of Creation by the residents of Underworld. The Stacia Super Account is the first of the Super Accounts with ID #01 and was later used during the War of Underworld sub-arc of Alicization by Asuna. The Stacia account is a Super Account with the inherent ability of terrain manipulation that can be utilized via the will of a Fluctlight, requiring a dive through a Soul Translator unit to take full advantage of. When a Human Empire resident named Quinella discovered the existence of super accounts during her research of system commands, she incorporated the names of the super accounts, including Stacia, into the mythology for the Axiom Church religion she founded. As the Stacia account possessed the ability to alter geometry, it was titled the “Goddess of Creation” by Quinella in the mythology. According to the legends told by the Axiom Church, Stacia governs the existence of all animate and inanimate objects in the form of a Durability parameter displayed on the Stacia Window that Quinella dubbed Life, summoning those whose Life expires to her side. The reality only becomes clear to the inhabitants of Underworld 6 months after Quinella’s defeat, when Yuuki Asuna dives in with Super Account Stacia. Upon meeting the girl, the perceptive commander of the Integrity Knights, Bercouli Synthesis One, reached the conclusion that she is not a god, unlike how the legends had claimed. Asuna showcases great miracles as she descends to the battlefield by using the Super Account to create a massive canyon, plummeting a group of Dark Knights led by Vassago Casals to their deaths; however, she pays the price for her miracle. Unlike native Incarnation that temporarily overrides the contents of the simulation as a side effect of the way the Main Visualizer of Underworld works, the native Super Account ability requires the user of the Stacia account to process all the geometry data of the world through their Fluctlights to permanently alter the terrain, thus placing a huge burden on the user's mind that manifests in the form of an insanely powerful headache. With the exhausting miracle, Asuna saves the lives of Ronye, Tiese and Kirito in the process, instantly gaining the favor of the Human Guardian Army decoy unit led by Bercouli. However, her sudden appearance and interest in the boy whom she had nursed for over six months, coupled with her commanding presence and beauty, prove too much for Alice Synthesis 30 to accept without resistance. As war approaches from the north, however, the Human Guardian Decoy Army put their trust into the supposed goddess of the legends and her Radiant Light to fight against the hordes of enemies closing in on their location... as well as many more enemies that would descend soon after! For more information on Asuna, Stacia and Sword Art Online, make sure to visit the Sword Art Online Wikia! Check out these other SAO Wikia Features that we know you’ll find useful and don’t forget to follow us 🤍SAO_Wikia on Twitter for the latest news on the series! #SwordArtOnline #Anime #Alicization #WarOfUnderworld

How to create a new page on Wikia


Learn how to create a new wiki page on Wikia

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Meet Asuna! - An Introduction - Sword Art Online Wikia


Meet Yuuki Asuna, the main heroine of the Sword Art Online series, who lived a normal life in Tokyo with her family, until the day she found herself trapped in the floating castle of Aincrad! 🐤 Follow SAO Wikia on twitter for the latest news! - 🤍 🔔 For more information on Sword Art Online, make sure to visit Sword Art Online Wikia! - 🤍 Written by Gamerturk and Valgraaf of SAO Wikia and edited by Gamerturk for the uses of Sword Art Online Wikia, by embedding it on their pages. Not to be reproduced by Fandom or any of their video content teams. Meet Yuuki Asuna, the girl with the chestnut colored hair who had a comfortable life with her wealthy family in Setagaya, an upper-class ward of Tokyo. However, on November 6, 2022, her life was abruptly going to change… Asuna’s brother was not one of the people who waited in lines to get one of the 10000 copies of Sword Art Online and got his copy through personal connections, but had to abruptly leave before the launch due to a business trip and it was Asuna who grabbed the NerveGear to try it out. An act that would trap her inside a Death Game… Shocked by the situation she found herself in after Kayaba Akihiko’s introduction, it took Asuna 2 weeks to snap out of the shock and leave the room she rented in the Town of Beginnings. Refusing the idea of a death game defeating her mentally, Asuna fearlessly started hunting monsters, not caring about being cautious, risking her life in the process. She wasn’t scared of dying, as she considered it to be inevitable, but a boy named Kirito would offer her a new perspective early on in the game. She didn’t get what he was hinting at at the time. The world around them was only data and Asuna used to think that every day she spent in Aincrad, was a day she lost in real life. She had cried and fought without a break. But one day, she saw the boy in black, taking a nap in the shade of a tree. She scolded the boy for slacking off, but his reply was calm. It was Aincrad’s best season, with the best weather parameters possible, so according to him, it would be a waste to spend this day in a dungeon. Asuna realized that even in a world like Aincrad, he was doing his best to live. Thanks to the boy, Asuna saw that the days she was spending in Aincrad, did not have to be days lost in real life… They could have been days that she gained in Aincrad instead… Soon after, she stopped having nightmares and started to look forward to seeing him instead. For the first time since she stepped on the floating castle of Aincrad, she was feeling happy. For more information on Asuna and the various situations she finds herself in as well as more on Sword Art Online, visit Sword Art Online Wikia and follow us on twitter 🤍SAO_Wikia for the most recent news on the series! #SwordArtOnline #SAOWikia #Aincrad #Alicization #Asuna

Wikia: what's a wiki and why Wikia?


This is an online video explanation of what a wiki is and why Wikia is the leader in all things wiki.

Wikia Webinars - Admin Tools & Tips


Are you a wiki admin looking to learn more about your tools and rights? Then listen to this tour of the admin dashboard, wiki features and user rights.

Templates 101: Tips for editing & creating templates on Wikia


Confused on how to create templates for your wiki? No worries, we're here to help!

Explore Wikia


Welcome to Wikia — a fun place where you can connect with people who share your passions and interests. Learn how to find your group, participate by editing and commenting, or even start your own website and community.

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Video showing you how to create your own wiki. Wikia - 🤍

Wikia University - How to and When to Promote Users


Learn how to and when to promote users on your wikia in this Wikia University video.

Le nouveau WIKIA Dokkan FR ! Le GUIDE ultime 😉 DOKKAN BATTLE


⚡️ Suis-moi sur mes réseaux ⚡️ ➡️ 🤍 ➡️ 🤍 🔥 Me soutenir 🔥 ➡️ 🤍 🔥Infos sur Dokkan Battle 🔥 ➡️ 🤍 ➡️ 🤍 ➡️ 🤍 #dokkanbattle #wikia

Fanversations - Fandom Wikia Inside Scoop


Chatting with an admin on the Fandom & Shipping wikia to hear the inside scoop about curating fandom. Secret ships, fake facts and more on this episode of Fanversations. Luna's Info Twitter - 🤍LunaMalfoy7 Tumblr - 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Want To Know More? What's In The Box?!? - Lost Fic Rec Friday 🤍 Fanversations - Star Trek Discovery Good? Bad? Both? 🤍 Banner Artist Site - 🤍 Social Media: Instagram:🤍 Twitter:🤍 Business Inquiries: shippersguidetothegalaxy🤍

Meet Scheta the Silent! - An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia


Meet Scheta Synthesis 12, more commonly known by her fellow Integrity Knights as the infamous Scheta the Silent! Despite her past, it's Scheta who is most afraid of herself and her Black Lily Sword! 🐤 Follow SAO Wikia on twitter for the latest news! - 🤍 🔔 For more information on Sword Art Online, make sure to visit Sword Art Online Wikia! - 🤍 Introduction/informational video scripted, recorded, edited by Gamerturk. QA by Gsimenas from the SAO Wikia. Meet Scheta Synthesis 12, more commonly known among other knights as the infamous Scheta the Silent. Scheta is one of the supporting characters of Alicization’s second half, the War of Underworld, and the owner of the Black Lily Sword, a Divine Object capable of cutting through anything! Before becoming an Integrity Knight, Scheta was a swordswoman who had earned the right to participate in the Four Empire Unification Tournament. She had a strong tendency to visualise the cleanly-sliced cross section of anything she had encountered and was unable to stop herself from making this image of hers a reality, regardless of whether her target was an inanimate object, or a person. Because of this desire of hers, she had brutally murdered every single one of her opponents during the tournament. Although Scheta was declared the victor of the tournament and became an Integrity Knight in the aftermath, the records of that year's tournament were completely erased to hide the fact that blood had been shed throughout it. Scheta's deeply hidden nature was perceived by the supreme priest of the Axiom Church, Quinella, who promised to craft her a sword that could cut anything in half if she were to find and bring to the church any being that survived in the battlefield of the Age of Blood and Iron in the Dark Territory, making it engorged with Spatial Energy. After three days of searching, Scheta was able to find a single black lily, which Quinella later turned into an extremely thin sword, named the Black Lily Sword, for her. A year later, Scheta was put into hibernation at her own request after killing another Integrity Knight in a duel. Shortly after the fall of Administrator and her second in command Chudelkin, the gray knight was awoken from her slumber by Commander Bercouli to bolster the Human Empire forces against the upcoming invasion from the Dark Territory. While she did not have much to do during the first day of the Final Load Test when the Great Eastern Gate collapsed in a huge lightshow, she was assigned to the Human Guardian Decoy Army with Alice, Bercouli, Kirito and others to head south, in hopes of diverting the attention of the Dark Territory forces. When the Pugilists Guild of the Dark Territory army caught up to them, however, Scheta would finally break her silence and take on the task of occupying the attention of Iskahn, the 10th Champion of the Pugilists Guild, in a fight of Sword and Fist! A fight that would give Scheta a whole lot more in her life to look forward to! For more information on Scheta the Silent and Sword Art Online, make sure to visit the Sword Art Online Wikia! Check out these other SAO Wikia Features that we know you’ll find useful and don’t forget to follow us 🤍SAO_Wikia on Twitter for the latest news on the series! #SwordArtOnline #Anime #Alicization #WarOfUnderworld

Rahhmi AI presents - Tutorial 1 | Creating Alexander [UssStarchaser Wikia]


The Rahhmi AI takes us step by step on the most efficient way of creating new character pages (Alexander in this example) on #startrekoffline #ussstarchaser #startrekonline #startrek #tng #thenextgeneration

Meet Gabriel Miller aka Subtilizer! - An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia


Meet Gabriel Miller, also known as Subtilizer, the one who devours souls, in Gun Gale Online, the young Chief Tactical Officer of Glowgen Defense Systems with an obsession for souls! 🐤 Follow SAO Wikia on twitter for the latest news! - 🤍 🔔 For more information on Sword Art Online, make sure to visit Sword Art Online Wikia! - 🤍 Meet Gabriel Miller, the Chief Tactical Officer of the Glowgen Defence Systems. Gabriel Miller is the main antagonist of Alicization’s second half, the War of Underworld. He is also known as Subtilizer in the VR world of Gun Gale Online, with two major victories associated with his name: the first Bullet of Bullets tournament, where he won with only a knife and a handgun, and his ultimate test, the 4th BoB, where he triumphed without bringing a single weapon with him. Ever since his childhood, the man with piercing blue eyes had a fascination with souls. Growing up in a wealthy family, taking part in the company that his father had founded and becoming a successful private military officer had never satisfied him. However, when he awoke from one of his rare but crystal-clear dreams of his past at 2 in the morning one day, the sole moment in his childhood when his hunger had been satiated crossed his mind. The day that Gabriel had devoured his first soul… After all those years, it had to be fate that the young CTO had received a job proposition so fitting to his dreams… a secret military operation on a Japanese facility in the middle of the ocean, researching the human soul. It was unusual that the biggest shareholder and the Chief Tactical Officer, who normally sat in the safety of headquarters, would lead such a mission, but Gabriel Miller had no intention of refusing his fate. Building up a team of people with shady pasts, he nominated himself as the leader. A week later, Gabriel set off with his team of 11 others, boarding a Nuclear Submarine that would load them off in a tinier one in Japanese Territorial Waters… And then, it was only a matter of time before they reached the massive research facility, the Ocean Turtle. Although the Artificial Labile Intelligent Cybernated Existence, or A.L.I.C.E for short, that the Japanese were developing was their objective, Gabriel had a different goal in mind. Having heard the details on one interesting unit in the simulation, he had been reminded of his first soul, Alicia… which prompted his interest in acquiring this new prey for himself… With his goal in sight, he repeated the words he had uttered to a pale-blue-haired sniper during the 4th BoB: “Your soul… Will be so sweet.” Inside the Obsidia Palace, the doors of the throne room that had been shut for hundreds of years were rumbling… A God of Underworld had just awakened… For more information on Gabriel Miller and Sword Art Online, make sure to visit the Sword Art Online Wikia! Check out these other SAO Wikia Features that we know you’ll find useful and don’t forget to follow us 🤍SAO_Wikia on Twitter for the latest news on the series! #SwordArtOnline #Anime #Alicization #WarOfUnderworld

Wikia Tutorial Program: Ep 1 - Getting Started


WEBSITE: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 Welcome to the first of the Wikia Tutorial Program! Subscribe for more Vids, it's free and easy! Videos are uploaded at least once a month so stay tuned! EPISODE INFO: In this episode, we look at the new WYSIWYG Wikia editor, Visual and Source Mode Tools, basic Source Code for Wikia, and the finishing of an edit.

FNaF World Wikia!


The link : 🤍 I do not own FNaF or the song heard in the video. All rights go to Scott Cawthon for FNaF and The Living Tombstone for the song.

Meet Konno Yuuki! - An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia


Meet Konno Yuuki, the Absolute Sword of ALfheim Online, someone born into unfortunate circumstances, with a big smile that would outshine all of that away and continue to live in our memories! 🐤 Follow SAO Wikia on twitter for the latest news! - 🤍 🔔 For more information on Sword Art Online, make sure to visit Sword Art Online Wikia! - 🤍 Meet Konno Yuuki, the Absolute Sword of ALfheim Online, also known as simply Yuuki in many other VR Worlds, such as Serene Garden, Asuka Empire and Insect Site. Yuuki is the deuteragonist of the Mother’s Rosario side story and the protagonist of the Sisters’ Prayer side story. Konno Yuuki was born to unfortunate circumstances on May 23rd, 2010, the same day as her sister Konno Aiko. Both sisters were infected with HIV via a blood transfusion during their birth and it was already too late by the time the virus was discovered. As her condition worsened around 4th grade, Yuuki was hospitalized. After undergoing treatment for over a year, she received an offer to test a new, experimental device called the Medicuboid. This was a medically repurposed FullDive device built by Koujiro Rinko on the basis of the modified NerveGear used by Kayaba Akihiko. As the device required extra clean conditions, the tester of the device would be confined to a sterile room, which would also result in a drastically reduced risk of opportunistic infections for the patient. While Yuuki’s parents were concerned about the idea of placing Yuuki into such isolation, Yuuki was attracted by the possibilities of the virtual world and agreed to the experiment. During the three years Yuuki spent constantly logged into the machine, her parents died at the end of 2023 and her sister Aiko followed suit in 2024. In the limited time the Konno sisters had together, the idea of creating a guild for terminally ill players was born between them and a close friend of theirs during their time in a game called Asuka Empire. And so, Konno Yuuki, Konno Aiko and their friend Merida became the founding members of the Sleeping Knights. Aiming to explore as many different VR Worlds as they could, the guild travelled from game to game, growing in size with new members. However, by the time the guild reached ALfheim Online, the Sleeping Knights had already lost two of its three founding members. Despite her critical condition and being the sole remaining member of the original trio, Konno Yuuki was someone who desired to live her life to the fullest. Wanting to leave a mark in the virtual world of fairies, Yuuki and her Sleeping Knights set their sights on the Floor Bosses of New Aincrad. As long as the raid party size did not exceed the size of a regular party, the names of all party members of the clearing team would be engraved onto the Monument in the Black Iron Palace whenever a Floor was cleared to honor their accomplishments. However, since some of their members were running out of time as they continued to suffer difficulties with defeating the bosses, the guild realized they needed some additional power in their team. As they still had one free slot in their party, Yuuki set up a competition to find a capable player to recruit to their raid. Whoever claimed victory against her in a duel would be rewarded with her unique, 11-hit Original Sword Skill, Mother’s Rosario. After a 67 win streak against her opponents, Yuuki was challenged by Asuna on January 7, 2026. Despite extending her win streak to 68 with that fight, Yuuki was impressed by Asuna’s determination and skill. Thus she invited her to one final journey to make sure the Sleeping Knights would never be forgotten in ALfheim Online and elsewhere. And even though some of them are no longer with them, the memories they shared together still live on inside them, forever. For more information on Konno Yuuki and Sword Art Online, make sure to visit the Sword Art Online Wikia! Check out these other SAO Wikia Features that we know you’ll find useful and don’t forget to follow us 🤍SAO_Wikia on Twitter for the latest news on the series! #SwordArtOnline #Anime #MothersRosario

Wikia Review - World Chalice / YGOPro - March 2018


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Reventure endings 1 to 50 tts edge narrated fandom wikia


Reventure endings 1 to 50 tts edge narrated fandom wikia 🤍 🤍

Wikia Maps


Introduction to Wikia Maps. Learn more here: 🤍

DBC 57 : L'histoire du site Dragon Ball Wikia


Et voici un podcast bien particulier puisqu'il me concerne directement : le Dragon Ball Wikia. Il s'agit d'une encyclopédie où n'importe qui peut participer telle une page Wikipedia. Sur ce podcast, nous recevons l'actuel administrateur à savoir Vegeta, le prince des Saiyans et Gattai Zamasu, qui gère le compte Twitter du site. Vous apprendrez pas mal d’anecdotes, sur la construction du site, qui est quelque peu liée au site Dragon Ball Ultimate, le site des auteurs de DB Times notamment. Bon podcast.

Gorgeous Husk Location | Hollow Knight | Para Wikia


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The Mockingjay rose again, while Jon Snow [spoiler alert] fell in quite the dramatic fashion. We explored post-apocalyptic Boston, said goodbye to Nintendo’s Iwata, and welcomed in the Age of Ultron. Across video games, TV, movies, and books, the collective “we” looked back on all the buzziest pop culture moments of 2015 and got help from YOU to select the most impactful one. You came in mass; fandom has spoken. The biggest pop culture moment of 2015 is… the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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