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The Dark Side of Happiness | Meik Wiking | TEDxCopenhagen


While Denmark has been regularly awarded the rewarding title of “Happiest Country in the World” over the past few years, it also suffers on the happiness-suicide paradox, an hypothesis that Meik Wiking presents as a correlation between happy countries and high suicide rates. Through a series of metrics and statistics, Meik Wiking helps us measure well-being inequalities that lead to gaps between happiness and unhappiness indices. While most research focuses on happiness and quality of life, Meik invites us to reflect upon the other end of those numbers. Meik Wiking heads the Happiness Research Institute which gathers knowledge and theories on what defines happiness and life quality. Meik Wiking is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, an independent think tank exploring why some societies are happier than others. He has recently published the book Lykken under lup – en opdagelsesrejse i lykkeforskningens verden (Happiness under the magnifying glass: a journey into the world of happiness research). With a background in political science and business, Meik has previously worked on sustainability for the think tank Mandag Morgen. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at 🤍

Secrets of the world's happiest people - with Meik Wiking


Danish happiness expert Meik Wiking as takes us on a worldwide treasure hunt to unlock the doors to inner happiness and fulfilment. This talk was filmed at an Action for Happiness event in London on 6 Sept 2017 🤍

How To Be Happy with Meik Wiking | 10 Minutes with The Pool | Men We Love


Viv Groskop talks to Meik Wiking, the man who brought Hygge to the masses. Now, he's back to teach us about Lykke and how we call all find happiness in the everyday Still haven’t subscribed to The Pool on YouTube? ►► 🤍 For Beauty from The Pool: 🤍 For Fashion from The Pool: 🤍 For Women We Love: 🤍 For Men We Love: 🤍 CONNECT WITH THE POOL: Web: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 ABOUT THE POOL: The Pool is the home of original content for women too busy to browse.

Meik Wiking - Happiness and My Hygge Home


Meik Wiking talks about his new book "My Hygge Home - How to make your home a happy place" and shares some marvellous happy tips including how candles and artichokes can help bring people closer together! 📖 Get the book at 🤍 🏆 Take the Happy Course at 🤍 🏆 Take the Even Happier Course at 🤍 Video Summary: Meik Wiking is the author of the book "My Hygge Home". The idea for the book came about five or six years ago after he published his first book, "The Little Book of Hygge". He spoke with a Canadian journalist who had read his book and started lighting candles for dinner with his family. Over time, the family's dinner time started to last 15-20 minutes longer and became a more enjoyable experience. The journalist's story inspired Meik to look into the impact of design on happiness in the home. The book is based on the research that he conducted at the Happiness Research Institute and other studies that have been conducted in the field. The research showed that happiness with one's home can explain 15% of overall happiness. Meik's book focuses on how to turn a house into a home by harnessing the "architecture of happiness".

Meik Wiking on the Secrets to Happiness | Happy Place Podcast


How can I find happiness in my life? How much autonomy do we have over our own happiness? Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, explains the causes and the effects of happiness, suggesting that we all should look at happiness in the same way we look at health: the things we cannot change, the things we can only impact a little, and the things we can control. In this chat with Fearne, Meik explores why policy makers would do well to consider the happiness of their country as an important element of national health – happy citizens are more likely to earn more, less likely to need the health service, and more likely to perform random acts of kindness. Do you think little things in daily life bring us true happiness? What makes you happy and enjoy life more? Meik Wiking is the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute and a highly respected speaker on such topics. Besides his work at the Happiness Research Institute, he is a Research Associate for Denmark at the World Database of Happiness and a member of the policy advisory group for the Global Happiness Policy Report. Follow Meik Wiking on Instagram: 🤍 Meik Wiking is a New York Times Best-selling author with more than one million copies sold, translated into 38 languages. Order a copy from 'The Little Book of Hygge' by Meik Wiking here: 🤍 Order a copy from ' The Little Book of Lykke' by Meik Wiking here: 🤍 Order a copy from 'The Art of Making Memories' by Meik Wiking here: 🤍 Thanks to Stripe and Stare for sponsoring this series of Happy Place. Use the code HP20 when you make your purchase at for a 20% discount. You can pre-order Fearne’s new book Speak Your Truth here: 🤍 Listen to the Happy Place podcast here or you can watch it on YouTube here: 🤍 ABOUT HAPPY PLACE Fearne's HAPPY PLACE is a place to celebrate honesty, authenticity and community. Fearne delves into life, love, loss and everything in-between by chatting to inspiring individuals who have made a change in their own lives or help other people to find different ways of seeing life as she reveals what happiness means to them. Happy Place is a space that is safe for all where difference is celebrated and the extraordinary is discovered. A place to focus on the positives and to help you find the joy every day - big or small. Still haven't subscribed to Fearne Cotton's Happy Place on Youtube? ► 🤍 ABOUT FEARNE COTTON Fearne Cotton is an English television and radio presenter, mother, broadcaster, writer and founder of Happy Place, a place where Fearne holds difficult but important conversations to encourage self-care and self-appreciation, creating a positive impact on the world, giving everyone a voice and actively listening. CONNECT WITH FEARNE COTTON Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #FearneCotton #HappyPlace #happyplacepodcast #MeikWiking #Happiness #lifechanging #mustwatch

Making Happy Memories - with Meik Wiking


Happiness expert Meik Wiking discusses the science of happiness and how to create happy memories. This was recorded at an Action for Happiness event hosted by Dr Mark Williamson on 28 October 2021. 🤍

The Scandinavian Hygge Lifestyle Taking The World By Storm


Hygge is a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” In the past year, this concept of Scandinavian coziness has made inroads with an international audience. At least six books about hygge were published in the United States this year, with more to come in 2017. Author of the international best-seller The Little Book of Hygge, Meik Wiking takes VICE News on a hygge tour of Copenhagen coffee shops, library gardens and wine bars that epitomize the lifestyle trend. Subscribe to VICE News here: 🤍 Check out VICE News for more: 🤍 Follow VICE News here: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 More videos from the VICE network: 🤍

Hygge with Meik Wiking from The Happy Course at 42Courses


Take The Happy Course today - click here 👇 🤍 🏆 Learn more at 🤍 A little talk about Hygge with Meik Wiking: "So there's also been a lot of talk about Denmark and what is this Danish word that describes a feeling or an atmosphere. It's been called actually, the art of creating a nice atmosphere, but it's these situations where we experience comfort, maybe enjoy some simple pleasures, are together with our good friends, family, people we love, enjoy some good food and Danes are obsessed with this the way Americans see freedom, something inherently's so ingrained in Danish language, it's so ingrained in Danish culture and I've written a book about it." ★ ★ Other Recommended Videos ★ ★ The Happy Course 🤍 Social Media and Happiness 🤍 Mental Health and Happiness 🤍 Denmark and Bikes 🤍 🏆 Learn more at 🤍 ★ ★ Most Popular 42courses ★ ★ 🎓 Behavioural Economics: 🤍 🎓 Storytelling: 🤍 🎓 Marketing Strategy: 🤍 🎓 The Happy Course: 🤍 🎓 Copywriting: 🤍 🎓 Creative Thinking: 🤍 🎓 Creative Leadership: 🤍 ★ ★ Meik's Books ★ ★ Happy Moments: How to Create Experiences You’ll Remember for a Lifetime 🤍 The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well 🤍 The Little Book of Lykke: The Danish Search for the World's Happiest People 🤍 ★ ★ Follow Us On Social Media ★ ★ 📈 LinkedIn: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌅 Instagram: 🤍 📘 Facebook: 🤍



Thanks for watching my interview with the inspiring Meik Wiking you can get Meik's latest book which is out now! A big thank you to Penguin Publishing for inviting me up for the day and for setting up this interview. The Little Book of Lykke - 🤍 The Little Book of Hygge - 🤍 Join my new Law of Attraction Support Group over on Facebook! - 🤍 Here are some of the videos and books I recommend to get you started, please do watch my previous videos for tips on what the law of attraction is and tips on how to start - Watch The Secret - 🤍 Watch Beyond The Secret - 🤍 Read The Magic - 🤍 Read Raise Your Vibration - 🤍 Watch Tony Robbins videos on Youtube and 'I'm not your Guru' on Netflix Some great people to look up on are Abraham Hicks, Jack Canfield, Gabrielle Bernstein, Tony Robbins & Kyle Gray. Don’t Forget To Subscribe x - 👑 Welcome to my savvy world of Blogging & YouTube! I am an award-winning Beauty & Lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, Money Saver, Public Speaker, Writer & regular on ITV's This Morning 👑 Take a look at my website - 🤍 My Award-Winning Blog: 🤍 Here is where it all started! - 🤍 👑 LET'S GET SOCIAL 👑 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Snapchat – couponqueenemma Pinterest - 🤍couponqueenemma This video is not sponsored, and as always opinions are my own. For business enquiries please email - press🤍 -

The Little Book of Hygge By Meik Wiking: Animated Summary


Today’s big idea comes from ‘Meik Wiking’ and his cozy book ‘The little book of Hygge – The Danish way to Live Well’. Through a page-turning narrative, Meik explores the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’, reflects on what makes the Danish some of the happiest people in the world, and guides the readers on how to create more ‘Hygge’ in their own lives. Here is our take on the highlights from the book. Denmark's position as one of the happiest countries in the world has been established many times. But why are the Danes so happy? According to Mike Wiking, a vital part of the Danish recipe for happiness is Hygge. The word Hygge originates from a Norwegian word meaning ‘well-being’. And this is actually an excellent way to describe ‘Hygge’ since taking part in something ‘Hyggeligt’ (Hygge-like) makes you feel good. In a nutshell, ‘Hygge’ is a situation with relaxed thoughtfulness. A time where nobody takes center stage or dominates the conversation for long stretches of time. A setting where Everyone is considered equal and acts accordingly. It is a situation where you can feel completely relaxed, calm, and just be yourself. And there are lots of ways of having a ‘Hyggelig’ time. You can hang out in a ‘Hyggelig’ place, surround yourself with ‘Hyggelige’ things and of course you can spend time with your loved ones. We hope you will enjoy our animated summary of the book. Please consider subscribing to the channel so you don't miss out on future Big Ideas!! And If you enjoy our videos, please consider supporting us on Patreon – Your support would not only mean the world to us but also allow us to continue making awesome FREE content for many years to come. Click here to learn more: 🤍 Also, If you have any thoughts, insights, or ideas for books to cover, we’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. And please consider Subscribing to the channel - Your support means the world to us. If you are intrigued and would like to get more insights on BigIdeasGrowingMinds, visit our Website: 🤍 Start a conversation and stay updated on new videos and upcoming content by visiting our Facebook or Instagram pages: • 🤍 • 🤍 Let’s stay connected: 🤍 Take care and see you soon. #Bigideasgrowingminds #becomeabetteryou #KnowledgeBouillonCubes #MeikWiking #TheLittleBookOfHygge #Hygge #Denmark #Happiness #BigIdeas #GrowingMinds #Learning #Leadership #Leadershipdevelopment #Development #Selfdevelopment #communication #booksummary #meaning #Selfreflection #Inspiration #PersonalDevelopment #Leadershipqualities #LeadershipSkills #Selfimprovement #becomeabetterleader

Lykke - the Danish Key to Happiness | This Morning


Meik Wiking has written 'The Little Book of Lykke': which translates as 'happiness'. So what makes us Brits happy? Maybe the Danes could help us out with some ideasÄ

Dá se koupit štěstí? Dá se dokonce naučit? - Meik Wiking a Petr Horký


HausboTalk - Meik Wiking je ředitelm Dánského institutu štěstí. Už řadu let věnuje všechen svůj čas vědeckému zkoumání životního štěstí. Jeho knihy jsou celosvětovými bestsellery - jako například i v češtině u nakladatelsví Jota vydané Hygge anebo Lykke. Petr Horký s ním vedl rozhovor o tom, zda se vůbec dá štěstí seriozně vědecky zkoumat, jestli se dá pěstovat - a hlavně jak? Opravdu, v tomto rozhovoru si můžete poslechnout i několik rad, jak hned teď začít zlepšovat svůj pocit a svoji schopnost vnímat štěstí - pokud tedy chcete. doporučené odkazy: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 doporučené knihy: Hygge Lykke

Voices of Meltingpot | Meik Wiking


Meik Wiking je zakladatelem a ředitelem Institutu pro výzkum štěstí v Kodani a autorem světového bestselleru Hygge. Jako rodilý Dán si dlouhou dobu lámal hlavu nad tím, proč se právě jeho země pravidelně umisťuje na předních příčkách žebříčků kvality života. Rozhodl se proto ke štěstí a jeho podstatě přistoupit z vědeckého hlediska a založil institut, jehož úkolem je pomocí různých metod zjistit, co dělá lidi šťastnými. Meikova univerzální rada, kterak se přiblížit stavu štěstí, obsahuje tři jednoduché kroky: „Dělejte něco aktivního, dělejte to společně s dalšími lidmi a najděte to, co vás naplňuje – co dá vašemu životu smysl.“ Je autorem dvou celosvětově úspěšných knih. První kniha o šťastném způsobu života HYGGE způsobila v roce 2016 hotový poprask – byla zakrátko přeložena do 28 jazyků. Neméně populární je Meikova druhá kniha LYKKE Tajemství nejšťastnějších lidí na světě. Meik je výzkumným partnerem World Database of Happiness (Světové databáze štěstí) a zakládajícím členem The Latin American Network for Wellbeing and Quality of Life Policies (Latinskoamerické sítě pro politiku pohody a kvality života). Pravidelně zveřejňuje výsledky svého výzkumu, publikoval již ve více než 500 různých médiích včetně The Washington Post, BBC, The Times, The Guardian. SLEDUJTE NÁS Web ▶ 🤍 Facebook ▶ 🤍 Instagram ▶ 🤍 Twitter ▶ 🤍

Meik Wiking on The Art of Making Memories


How do we make memories and how can we make better ones and retain them? Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge, is here to explain the inspiration behind his new book and the cultural figures who also understood how memory works. The Art of Making Memories: 🤍 F O L L O W U S TWITTER } 🤍 FACEBOOK } 🤍 INSTAGRAM } 🤍 PODCAST } 🤍

Meik & The Jackfruit: Meik Wiking Explains How Food Is Linked with Memory


Meik Wiking founded the world's first Happiness Research Institute in 2011, in Copenhagen, Denmark. He consults cities, governments and organisations around the world on happiness. He has advised the Minister of State for Happiness in the UAE, the state of Jalisco in Mexico and the city of Goyang in South Korea, among others. He holds a degree in business and political science and has previously worked for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is the author of two globally bestselling books: The Little Book of Hygge and The Little Book of Lykke. Follow Meik: Instagram: 🤍meikwiking Facebook: /meikwiking1 Twitter: 🤍meikwiking Meik Wiking’s new book The Art of Making Memories: How to Create and Hold Onto Happy Moments is published 19th September by Penguin Life, £12.99 hardback. Listen to the Full Podcast: RECIPE: Miek’s Jackfruit with mango salsa 1x tin Jackfruit in water, drained 150g shallots, roughly chopped 4 garlic cloves, roughly chopped 100ml Jalapeno salsa (or another store bought mexican salsa/marinade) 2 tsp cumin seeds 2 tsp smoked paprika 400mls passata 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 x tin of kidney beans Mango Salsa 2 lime 200g mango, finely cubed 25g coriander, chopped 25g mint, chopped 100g red pepper, diced 1x jalapeno, finely diced ½ red onion, finely diced Drizzle of olive oil Method: Add the shallots and garlic to some olive oil on medium heat, sauteeing for 3-4 minutes Add the cumin seeds, jackfruit, paprika, salt and pepper and stir for another 3 minutes to allow the flavours to marry Add the passata, apple cider vinegar, jalapeno sauce Bring to a simmer and cover for 1.5 hours until the jackfruit has broken down Add the cooked beans at the end and simmer for another 2 minutes to warm up Add the salsa ingredients together in a bowl Drizzle with olive oil and serve with the jackfruit Follow Me here: Website: 🤍 PODCAST: 🤍 Order my NEW Cookbook "Eat to Beat Illness" : 🤍 Order my FIRST Cookbook "The Doctor's Kitchen" : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Final Music Theme by Luna Blue “Luna Blue played a powerful BBC Introducing Live Lounge session for us. We picked them for their strong songwriting, hooky melodies and atmospheric arrangements.”Melita Dennett (BBC Introducing) 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Happiness: Meik Wiking


SPEAKER: Meik Wiking, CEO, Happiness Research Institute; Author, The Little Book of Lykke: The Danish Search for the World's Happiest People (Penguin, Oct. 31, 2017) and The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well (Penguin, 2016) TOPIC: What Makes Us Happy? October 31, 12:00-1:00pm Big Ideas Speaker Series at Rotman Located in downtown Toronto and part of the University of Toronto, the Rotman School of Management (🤍) is the top business school in Canada. Rotman offers a Full-Time MBA program, and several programs for working professionals, including the Morning and Evening MBA, Master of Finance, One-Year Executive MBA and Omnium Global Executive MBA. Whichever degree or program you choose, Rotman will give an edge in your career and help you make the most of your potential. #anewwaytothink #newwaytothink #Rotman #RotmanSchool

Meik Wiking - Secrets Of The World's Happiest People | Nudgestock 2017


Meik Wiking's talk 'The Secrets Of The World's Happiest People' from Nudgestock 2017. - Nudgestock is the can't-miss festival where creativity and behavioral science intersect. It's a day to think differently. The annual festival, curated by Ogilvy Consulting, features a wonderfully eclectic mix of talks and case studies from some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the worlds of behavioral science, marketing and creativity. Curated by Ogilvy Consulting. - Nudgestock 2021 Playlist: 🤍 Nudgestock 2020 Playlist: 🤍 Nudgestock 2019 Playlist: 🤍 Nudgestock 2018 Playlist: 🤍 Nudgestock 2017 Playlist: 🤍 Nudgestock 2016 Playlist: 🤍 Nudgestock 2015 Playlist: 🤍 Nudgestock 2014 Playlist: 🤍 Rory Sutherland 🤍Nudgestock Playlist: 🤍 - Introducing Ogilvy Consulting’s Behavioural Science Practice At Ogilvy Consulting, we work to creatively apply behavioural science insights to solve the world's most pressing and interesting challenges. Whether tasked with improving the security of Europe's busiest airports, changing how people interact with the world's most popular social media or leading sustainability projects across the globe, we create effective interventions, communications and experiences for public, private, and third sector clients. A magical combination of science and creativity, we are a unique global team of psychologists and behavioural economists embedded within the Ogilvy network. We bring proprietary tools, proven experience, expert facilitation and the power of Ogilvy creativity to unlock the hidden 'psychological power' within our partners' brands and channels. We create unseen opportunities that generate giant impact. - #NudgeStock2017 #NudgeStock #MeikWiking -

A Brief History of Happiness with Meik Wiking (42courses: Happiness Course)


Meik Wiking is the CEO of the Happiness Institute, author of The Little Book of Hygge, The Little Book of Lykke, The Art of Making Memories, The Key to Happiness and Happy Moments: How to Create Experiences You’ll Remember for a Lifetime, and one happy Dane. 🙃 Join The Happy Course at: 🤍 🏆 Learn more at 🤍 ★ ★ Other Recommended Videos ★ ★ Why Learn Fintech? 🤍 Vinny Lingham on Bitcoin 🤍 Welcome to the world of fintech 🤍 Banking in 10-15 years time 🤍 Vinny Lingham on Blockchain 🤍 Why Learn About Fintech Part 2 🤍 🏆 Learn more at 🤍 ★ ★ Most Popular 42courses ★ ★ 🎓 Behavioural Economics: 🤍 🎓 Storytelling: 🤍 🎓 Marketing Strategy: 🤍 🎓 The Happy Course: 🤍 🎓 Copywriting: 🤍 🎓 Creative Thinking: 🤍 🎓 Creative Leadership: 🤍 ★ ★ Follow Us On Social Media ★ ★ 📈 LinkedIn: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌅 Instagram: 🤍 📘 Facebook: 🤍

Launenexperte - Meik Wiking (de)


Launenexperte - Meik Wiking (de): 🤍 Meik ist CEO des Kopenhagener Instituts für Glücksforschung und einer der führenden Experten in der globalen Glücksforschung sowie Autor des internationalen Bestsellers Hygge - ein Lebensgefühl, das einfach glücklich macht“. Hören Sie ihm zu, wie er nützliche Tipps dazu gibt, wie Stress sich auf Ihren Blutdruck auswirken kann.

Hygge van Meik Wiking


Het Deense woord hygge is zo’n woord dat niet direct te vertalen is, maar iets betekent als comfort, warmte, saamhorigheid. Hygge is het gevoel dat je krijgt als je met warme gebreide sokken aan met je partner op de bank knuffelt, voor het haardvuur terwijl het buiten donker, koud en stormachtig weer is. Of dat gevoel wanneer je met je beste vrienden samen thuis eet en een goed gesprek hebt bij kaarslicht. Het is dat niet te beschrijven gevoel dat je ervaart als het licht dat ’s ochtend door je slaapkamerraam valt precies goed is. Denemarken is het gelukkigste land ter wereld. Meik Wiking dicht dit grotendeels toe aan hygge, de Deense mentaliteit voor het leven. Denen focussen zich op de dingen die er echt toe doen, zoals quality time met vrienden en familie, en genieten van de goede dingen in het leven. In zijn boek Hygge vind je praktische stappen en tips om zelf meer hygge te leven, ondersteund door Meik Wikings onderzoek aan het Happiness Research Institute. Omarm hygge en word gelukkiger! 🤍

Oameni de milioane: Meik Wiking, expertul in fericire [ENG / RO]


Meik Wiking conduce The Happiness Research Institute si aduce solutii simple pentru fericire, la indemana oricui, prin intermediul cartilor sale. Cea mai recenta carte a lui Meik Wiking este acum si in Romania la Editura Litera, ocazia perfecta pentru ca el sa faca prima vizita in Romania si sa povesteasca despre ce descoperiri a facut pana acum in ceea ce inseamna fericire. Europa FM este cu tine și online: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Poți asculta Europa FM online de oriunde la adresa 🤍 sau ne găsești în FM pe una dintre frecvențele naționale disponibile aici: 🤍 Pentru a asculta pe smartphone poți folosi aplicația gratuită Radio Europa FM disponibilă pentru IOS și ANDROID. Ai acces instant la podcasturi și poți afla pe loc mai multe despre piesele preferate pe care le auzi la Europa FM.

Little Book of Lykke


By now we’re all familiar with hygge, the Danish concept of cosiness that has become an international phenomenon in the past few years, largely thanks to Meik’s book on the topic. But what is lykke? Pronounced luu-kah, it’s the Danish word for happiness. Danes have been shown to be the happiest people in the world, and Meik definitely fits that bill, as the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. In this witty and informative book, Meik goes beyond the woolly socks and warm beverages of hygge to get at what really makes Danes so happy, and what the rest of the world can learn from them. He also travels across the globe on a quest to uncover the secrets of the very happiest people from Dubai to Rio de Janeiro, taking back to his native country their tips, tricks, and unique approaches to a fulfilled life.

How to Create a Happy, Hygge Home with Meik Wiking (Allsorts Podcast S03E11)


When the pandemic hit, our relationship to our homes changed because we were spending more time in them than ever before…and even as we’ve moved forward, I think we’ve realized the impact that our homes can have on our lives. Especially as we enter the dark days of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought that this was the perfect time to talk about how to create a safe, cozy and happy environment within our four walls. If you’re Danish, you know this feeling as hygge. And what better person to talk to about hygge - and creating a hygge home - than the author of the international sensation The Little Book of Hygge and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, Meik Wiking. Meik has just released My Hygge Home, about how to create the feeling of hygge in our living spaces. It’s not about buying stuff. It’s about slowing down. Intentionality. Filling your space with a positive energy, and connection. I have to tell you, I am a huge fan of Meik’s books…I was gifted his previous book, The Art of Making Memories and at first, I admit was skeptical. It was beautifully designed, but I’ve read so many books that are very surface level and I don’t feel like I learn much that actually changes my life. And then I tucked into the art of making memories, which I loved so much I bought it for all of my friends that holiday for two reasons: 1) the books are filled with hard science about living a happier life, and 2) the books are written in such a way that the very act of reading them shifts your mindset. And My Hygge Home will have you thinking VERY differently about your space. It’s a wonderful conversation - our last episode of 2022! - that will help create a positive mindset around happiness and enjoying every minute. Full show notes, including links and recommendations at 🤍

Searching The World For Happiness - Meik Wiking - WGS 2018


Meik Wiking, Chief Executive Officer, Happiness Research Institute, Denmark on the correlation between taxes and quality of life. جلسة لرئيس معهد بحوث السعادة، الدنمارك مايك ويكينغ يتطرق خلالها الى موضوع البحث عن السعادة حول العالم.

Happiness: a conversation with Meik Wiking (probably the World´s happiest man)


NEW! Il Business, 5-6 Ottobre 2023, Milano/Online 🤍ss NEW! Visita il nuovo Monty SHOP! 🤍 Prenota una Video Call su Zoom con Monty 🤍 About Monty: 🤍 Cosa uso per analizzare e gestire il mio canale YouTube 🤍 Cosa use per cercare di scrivere meglio, trovare titoli migliori e nuove idee: 🤍 Iscriviti per più video: 🤍 NEW! Manuale di Sopravvivenza al Business Moderno (per pazzi furiosi) 🤍 Ti interessano interviste con persone interessanti? 4 chiacchiere con: 🤍 Monty English Videos: 🤍 #montemagno #marcomontemagno #monty PS: some of the links in the description are affiliate links which means I get a little thank you money from Amazon or other companies. This is at no extra cost to you, however. Thank you in advance! Vuoi sviluppare una nuova competenza? 🤍 Iscriviti per più video : 🤍 NEW! TUTTO MONTEMAGNO, IL NUOVO LIBRO DI MONTY QUI: 🤍 Happiness: a conversation with Meik Wiking (probably the World´s happiest man) Meik Wiking is one of today’s most influential happiness researchers. He is the author of several books, including the New York Times Bestsellers: The Little Book of Hygge and The Little Book of Lykke. With more than one million copies sold worldwide, in more than 35 languages, he enjoys a wide readership. Meik is the founder and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute and a highly respected speaker on such topics. He is known for his ability to convey complex ideas and theories to a wide audience and has spoken in more than 40 countries around the world. Besides his work at the Happiness Research Institute, he is Research Associate for Denmark at the World Database of Happiness, and member of the policy advisory group for the Global Happiness Policy Report. Facebook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 TikTok 🤍 Linkedin 🤍 Spotify 🤍

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living (Audiobook) by Meik Wiking


Embrace Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) and become happier with this definitive guide to the Danish philosophy of comfort, togetherness, and well-being. Hygge is the sensation you get when you're cuddled up on a sofa, in cozy socks under a soft throw, during a storm. It's that feeling when you're sharing comfort food and easy conversation with loved ones at a candlelit table. It is the warmth of morning light shining just right on a crisp blue-sky day. #Minimalism #Audiobook #Hygge

How to be happy | Meik Wiking


Can you bring a scientific approach to happiness? TNW spoke to Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, on how to be happy, without just throwing puppies and ice cream at everyone. Want to find out how to be happy? Hit the link to find out more 👇 TNW Conference: 🤍 TNW València: 🤍

Meik Wiking on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky


Meik Wiking chats to Chris about his new book 'The Art of Making Memories', and gave him some suggestions on how to make a treasure map of memories. ✪Website: 🤍 ✪Twitter: 🤍 ✪Facebook: 🤍 ✪Instagram: 🤍

Meik Wiking – Measuring What Matters – YPO EDGE 2019


How has #Denmark consistently ranked among the happiest countries in the world? Meik Wiking, author of the bestselling book, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, will share insights about #happiness and how you can create it in your own life. Wiking argues that there are clear patterns when it comes to why some people are happier than others, and that we should use that #data to make decisions on how to improve quality of life, both in our communities and in our own lives. Learn more about upcoming YPO EDGE events and speakers here: 🤍 #YPOEDGE #OnlyInYPO

Summary of The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking | Free Audiobook


DOWNLOAD OUR FREE APP: 🤍 FREE PDF: 🤍 GET FULL AUDIOBOOK FOR FREE: 🤍 (paid link) SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: 🤍 Learn the secret to happiness and discover how the people of Denmark have achieved greater joy and fulfillment than anyone else in the world. For years people have been searching for the secret to happiness. However, unlike the fountain of youth, happiness is something that can be found by anyone, anywhere in the world! While the people of Denmark have been considered some of the happiest people on earth, you don’t necessarily have to move there to find happiness. Instead, you can adopt the secrets of happiness into your own life. For instance, find joy even on the gloomiest of days by creating a space that sparks a feeling of warmth and love. Whether it’s creating a nook filled with cozy blankets and your favorite books or cooking with your loved ones, you can find happiness in the world around you. Learn the Danish secrets of hygge and discover their secrets of finding joy and fulfillment despite their cloudy skies. DISCLAIMER: This book summary is meant as a preview and not a replacement for the original work. If you like this summary please consider purchasing the original book to get the full experience as the original author intended it to be. If you are the original author of any book on QuickRead and want us to remove it, please contact us at hello🤍 * As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases.

Change Makers Happier Communities 2 Meik Wiking


Meik Wiking, CEO, The Happiness Research Institute, Denmark What can be done to improve the quality of life for citizens? How may local governments work with happiness and what can be done to improve the quality of life for citizens? At this session we will take a closer look at the Danish town of Dragør, where the Happiness Research Institute has conducted a large happiness survey among the citizens and together with the local government developed initiatives to increase happiness, well-being and quality of life for the people.

FUSO Talks | "Purpose" -- Meik Wiking


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Danish writer Meik Wiking shares a ‘hygge’ way to happiness


Pronounced "hoo-gah", hygge is a word coined by the Danish to refer to a lifestyle that focuses on creating a cozy atmosphere and savoring the simple pleasures in life. Meik Wiking, author of the bestseller The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, paid his first visit to China earlier this month. In an interview with Easy Talk, he explains why Denmark frequently tops the world's happiness polls as well as the essence of hygge.

Leaps Talk #7 | Agate Freimane, Meik Wiking: Measuring what matters in impact investing | TOA ON AIR


Meik Wiking, CEO of The Happiness Research Institute joined Agate Freimane, General Partner at Norrsken VC, Europe's largest impact venture capital fund for a fascinating virtual conversation as part of TOA ON AIR, organized by Tech Open Air Berlin. This thought-provoking discussion, moderated by Britt Wray, broadcaster and author of Rise of the Necrofauna: The Science, Ethics and Risks of De-Extinction, explored how we could ensure better metrics for impact investors, so we can better allocate resources that can improve quality of life. While wealth may be on the rise - so are sea levels, air pollution, cancer rates, and mental health disorders. Despite continued economic growth, it seems we sometimes fail to convert our wealth into wellbeing. So where should we invest our resources to improve quality of life? If we could choose between breakthrough innovations that could fundamentally change the world for the better, which one should we choose - and how do we ensure better metrics for better investments? About Leaps Talks: Breakthroughs in biotech could change the world for the better, but they also raise important ethical questions that cannot solely be answered by scientists and investors. That’s why we’re engaging society in this critical dialogue. Leaps Talks is a speaker series that aims to drive this dialogue by gathering leading minds from distinct disciplines to discuss ethics, opportunities, and challenges in biotech innovation. Learn more: 🤍 About Meik Wiking: Meik Wiking is the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute.  In addition, he is a  Research Associate for Denmark at the World Database of Happiness, member of the policy advisory group for the Global Happiness Policy Report, board member of The Health and Happiness Research Foundation, Founder of The Happiness Museum, and a New York Times best-selling author translated to 38 languages. About Agate Freimane: Agate is a General Partner at Norrsken VC, Europe's largest impact venture capital fund focused on investing in rapidly scaling early-stage start-ups that use technology to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. She started her career in finance working in investment banking and private equity at Citigroup and Morgan Stanley. She then started her start-up journey and was one of the first employees at BrickVest, a London based fintech start-up. About Britt Wray (Moderator): Britt Wray is a broadcaster and author researching the social and ethical entanglements of science and technology. She has a PhD in science communication from the University of Copenhagen and is the author of Rise of the Necrofauna: The Science, Ethics and Risks of De-Extinction. Britt has hosted several podcasts, radio & TV programs with the BBC and CBC, and is a TED Resident. About TOA TOA is Europe’s leading technology festival. Their mission is to help people future-proof their businesses and their lives. They believe that technology is transforming the way we work, live and relate: only if you understand technology can you take advantage of the opportunities it creates. Thanks to their brand new Virtual Formats & Digital Products, they are committed to delivering all year round on their three core value propositions: inspiration, networking & learning. About HRI: The Happiness Research Institute is an independent think tank exploring why some societies are happier than others. The mission is to inform decision-makers of the causes and effects of human happiness, make subjective well-being part of the public policy debate, and improve the overall quality of life for citizens across the world. About us: Leaps by Bayer invests in paradigm-shifting advances in the life sciences – targeting the breakthroughs that could fundamentally change the world for the better. Our approach is making significant and sustained investments in disruptive biotechnologies that could have the greatest impact on humanity. Connect with us: 🤍 🤍 🤍

The Key to Happiness by Meik Wiking - 90 Second Books


The Key to Happiness by Meik Wiking - 90 Second Books Amazon purchase link : 🤍

Meik Wiking over De kunst van herinneringen maken


Het nieuwe boek van bestsellerauteur Meik Wiking. De kunst van herinneringen maken geeft antwoord op de vraag hoe we perfecte momenten kunnen creëren. Die momenten waar het in het leven allemaal om draait.

Meik Wiking: Lykke, Tajemství nejšťastnějších lidí na světě


Ambasador štěstí Meik Wiking během přednášky pro Nadaci Karla Janečka a diskuzní fórum Meltingpot 2018.

Meik Wiking: Hygge, šťastný způsob života


Ambasador štěstí Meik Wiking během přednášky pro Nadaci Karla Janečka a diskuzní fórum Meltingpot 2018.

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