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Don't write code like John Smith!

Programming with Mosh

Programming with Mosh

Описание видео:

This is what happens when you write bad code. See the kind of mess John Smith has made... Don't be like him! Get access to 40+ courses for just $124. Subscribe now: 🤍codewithmosh.com/p/all-access

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Don't write code like John Smith!
Don't write code like John Smith!
Don't write code like John Smith!
Don't write code like John Smith!
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Комментарии пользователей:
Thr mucix
2023-07-31 13:04:24

Don't code like john smith more like don't code like me🥲

Ameer Ibrahim
2023-07-08 22:00:49

Best ad ever

Kushal Tanna
2023-06-29 06:36:29

Your teaching style is great. Have taken nodejs course from udemy. But problem is you dont update the course that often

2023-06-12 05:44:11

Mosh is goated

2023-05-27 21:42:47


Mean Aunt Rena
2023-04-17 16:13:12

The nesting! It's real! <3

Damodara Sahu
2023-04-03 13:29:42

In url this course is mentioned as part1, while in course title it is not mentioned such. Will u again make the 2nd part of react18?

Most accurate
2023-03-27 16:43:49

I don't know why i thought it was a music video

Uche Omesu
2023-03-11 23:12:50

Please Mosh...
Can you do a tutorial for Go programming language...???

hamid hos
2023-03-11 16:19:02

Hi. What program do you use to make training videos?

Hoang Quoc Thinh - B19DCAT191
2023-03-02 07:33:24

Can you make a course about fastapi

Double King
2023-03-01 19:02:32

i love this guy lol

Phew Ri
2023-02-22 23:48:10

I wish to see Mosh in Sci-fi movie
Being the villian

2023-02-21 15:44:28

loved it ❤, You are the Best Teacher Mosh

2023-02-16 07:32:12

is John Smith real?....i like him

2022-12-31 15:44:44

Do not subscribe to his course.
He is a scammer.

He will charge you after subscription cancellation!

2022-12-28 20:42:18

Thanks mosh from Somalia 🇸🇴

deepesh suthar
2022-12-27 12:16:36

Who is she?

Coding Base
2022-12-17 18:27:05

Full Machine Learning Tutorial : rL8ypWL6QB0&t=2831s rL8ypWL6QB0&t=2831s

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