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Build with Ben: Vue 3 and TypeScript Working Session



Описание видео:

ℹ️ About In session 40, I'll be working on a Vue 3 and TypeScript app where I'll experiment with various techniques I've been researching on. How far will I get? Only one way to find out! 📖 Chapters 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:21 - Setting Up a New Project for Vue 3 and TypeScript 00:08:47 - Work on ToEat Project Requirements 01:15:15 - Final Thoughts 📚 Resources - Using Vue with TypeScript (Official Vue Docs) - 🤍vuejs.org/guide/typescript/overview.html - Create Vue CLI - 🤍github.com/vuejs/create-vue

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Build with Ben: Vue 3 and TypeScript Working Session
Build with Ben: Vue 3 and TypeScript Working Session
Build with Ben: Vue 3 and TypeScript Working Session
Build with Ben: Vue 3 and TypeScript Working Session
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-07-21 00:07:36

Great video but pleeeese get a popfilter

Fabio Souza
2023-07-11 11:22:35

muito legal !!, sempre aprendo muito com seus vídeos 😁

2023-05-31 01:15:08

Ok, I'm gonna preface what I'm going to say with I am not a javascript developer but I'm trying to learn typescript. That said, how is typescript more complicated than javascript? Isn't typescript just javascript but with types? I mean, I get it if you are a self taught programmer and your first language is js but for others who more than likely learned something like c++ first in school, typed variables are normal right? If there is actually something else, then I would love to learn.

Dreamers 🫧
2023-05-09 10:19:54

I've got one question

2023-05-02 12:26:02

great video! i always have a problem with typescript, especially using in frameworks. thanks for this! <3

Xenia Klyukina
2023-03-03 13:46:35

thank you for telling me everything easily and fun! :)
one question: what kind of vscode extension do you use for smart autocomplete?

2023-02-17 15:54:41

how do you use the font?

Eren Jaeger
2022-12-28 15:08:12

p1eO5dZnp_Q&t=47m53s 47:53 The whole purpose of enums is to give a meaningful key name to some forgettable value.

Qiushi Yan
2022-12-11 05:16:36

Hey Ben, would you be interested in having a session building a danmaku component for videos (overlaid comments that scrolls over the screen)?

Awais Al Waissy
2022-10-13 19:06:04

Awesome!. Can you make video how to do ssr in vue3 ts project. everything is messed up.

Colin Johnsun
2022-10-13 08:01:08

Hey Ben, in VS Code, if you hold down the Command Key on a Mac and hover over the interface, it will expand the tooltip to show the actual fields of that interface type. I'm not sure what the equivalent modifier key on Windows (it could be the option key or the alt key).

Mage Prometheus
2022-10-11 15:39:29

Great video. If your main languages are typed it's an easy choice. The languages we use affect the way we think as can be seen with the difficulty experienced structural coders have fully accepting functional languages without major effort. My gut feeling tells me the right way is to accept the code pain and bite the bullet 100% but that's not practical if you need to maintain productivity. After 35 years of C, then C++, and now I'm retired playing with Rust, I can't imagine not having the type system (and the borrow checker) holding my hand. I'm as bound by my history as everyone.

2022-10-11 14:26:22

Stream schedule please 🙏

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