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Arrogant Big Tech Is Realizing Money Can't Buy Success

Logically Answered

Logically Answered

Описание видео:

FAANG should probably give up on trying to win AI. This might sound like a controversial statement at first glance but when you take a look at the facts, it makes a lot of sense. You see, past performance has been clouding the judgment of these big tech giants. Since they were able to make it big in search social media or email, they think that they can also make it big in AI as long as they spend enough money. But, the reality is that most of these big tech companies haven’t launched a successful hero product in over a decade and the reason is obvious. It’s simply extraordinarily difficult to replicate the success of something like YouTube, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Not to mention, people aren’t exactly fond of these companies or their shady behavior when it comes to privacy and monopolization. This isn’t to say that big tech should leave the AI scene completely though. A smarter choice, however, would be to play a background support role and become a backbone of the industry instead of trying to create the next big thing. This video explains why FAANG is losing in the AI race and how they may be able to turn things around by slightly shifting their focus. Earn Interest From The Government & Top Corporations: (iOS App for US Residents) 🤍🤍silomarkets.com/waiting-list-page Socials: 🤍🤍instagram.com/hariharan.jayakumar/ Discord Community: 🤍discord.gg/SJUNWNt Timestamps: 0:00 - FOMO 1:15 - Past Performance 5:13 - Baggage 9:19 - Diversification vs Concentration Resources: 🤍pastebin.com/eYp7W1Np Disclaimer: This video is not a solicitation or personal financial advice. All investing involves risk. Please do your own research. 🤍🤍silomarkets.com/disclosures

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Arrogant Big Tech Is Realizing Money Can't Buy Success
Arrogant Big Tech Is Realizing Money Can't Buy Success
Arrogant Big Tech Is Realizing Money Can't Buy Success
Arrogant Big Tech Is Realizing Money Can't Buy Success
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-11-16 22:32:42

What confuses me is most of the big tech companies started on a shoe string budget with a good idea and execution. Why they thought money and brute force would work, no idea.

2023-11-15 20:45:57

Come on ! It's 2023 ! We should have colonies on the moon, multiple space stations, androids running homes and doing chores and antigravity cars ! Don't work on separate AIs, work on one with all the resources you can provide it with !

2023-11-12 08:34:57

I like the way you tell stories!

2023-11-12 03:35:47

Lets say the truth. Peeps don't like big tech for what those companies did. Censorship, forced indoctrination of the LGBT mafia ideologies, rampant privacy abuse. Shilling for the Biden admin and so on.

2023-11-11 14:54:36

You're a very good analyst + storyteller. Congrats man.

2023-11-08 08:04:39

But bard is way dummer than chat gpt

2023-11-08 05:35:51

I think Google can still breakthrough into AI.
Google assistant is a great example for that. And Google Tensor chip is the smartest chipset currently making pixel phones the smartest smartphones.

2023-11-03 16:01:14

I do not think MetaFacebook's gonna succeed in "selling shovels". That space have been taken a long time ago.

2023-11-03 04:57:48

Hmmm. Who owns the SCV and CI of almost all world IT projects? Microsoft. Yes, the did not invent Github, but they acquired it.
The same is for OpenAI. Microsoft is the largest investor in OpenAI and OpenAI depends on the MS Azure infrastructure.
Moreover, Github for years offers Copilot (which is using almost the same technology as OpenAI).

2023-10-27 14:56:23

Someone discovered the whoosh sound effect

2023-10-25 22:21:40

fken facebook and its %RELEVANT% comments showing

2023-10-25 14:26:44

There's a petty aspect to big tech that not a lot of people realise. If you comment online against them they go after you. You won't see that they're going after you and you might think it's bizare that you have nothing and might even be unemployed yet to have them going after you is what I call real power. The positions and money is all from people's government taxes too. Plus ai has occurred unexpectedly years ago without development or building towards.

2023-10-21 10:35:19

Arrogant tech companies don't care, they own you. Fyi they don't compete with each other anymore, they work together behind the scenes. Next Industrial Revolution.

WhatsApp wasn't a gamble at all. He saw something you didn't.

Metaverse is not a failure at all, you literally have no clue my

You completely underestimate tech and actually don't understand it at all 😂😂😂

2023-10-20 04:59:07

Hilarious to see Threads fail. Whiny crybabies moving to Threads made mountains out of molehills regarding moving to Threads from X because Electric Car Man mean and allows speech they don’t like. Such hubris

2023-10-20 00:15:32

i dumped facebook for a number of reasons quite a while ago but cambridge analitica and trump were the nails in the coffin .The same for twiiter...Seems i was ahead of the curve now youtube is fckng around and finding out.

2023-10-12 15:47:30

Facebook didnt even create facebook they stole the whole interface from brandon.

2023-10-12 07:46:32

the thing is that AI can only differ so much from one another if they're both being trained on the same data (all of the internet that you can scrape)

2023-10-10 18:37:24

The solution is quite simple. Google should have invested in others. If you have 290 billion to spend or burn, you could have created an ecosystem. Like every parent knows, one day your children will hopefully be a hit. It is a form of generosity that tech giants lack. Besides the fact that they have serious ethical issues. They're just too big to stick. Quiet quitting for techies.

2023-10-10 18:25:16

The problem with all these things is, that users are still tribal. You can't manage 199 social media accounts and expect family and friends to join you. Especially the ones who don't want a social Internet orofile. It is doable that something takes over the hype, but it becomes less likely as we go forward. Too many, too much big changes. It literally burnes through options. It is quite inconsiderate to expect your user base to follow you around in every wimp. You can have a huge base where most people are sleeping accounts. The USSR base has another problem. Tell me which users spend 1500+ monthly on apps? So you can say that big tech has trouble with conversion, but that's entirely due to distorting markets and money distribution. Why should it matter where the money comes from? A Dollar is a Dollar, consumers or businesses should not matter. Pouring out products, ridicules the user. It are mostly gaaget based. As if for example parents can play their way raising kids. Real consumer focused needs is something entirely different. At some point you can't take these giants seriously with their combined financial and intellectual power, they are still disconnected from reality.

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