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Alpha Waves Heal The Damage In The Body, Music Heals The Whole Body, Powerful Effect

Healing Soul

Healing Soul

Описание видео:

528 Hz: The frequency of 528Hz helps to restore and transform our DNA, heal our DNA and increase our life energy level, help us to clear our mind, increase our awareness, create and open us to experience. deeper spiritual experience. When using this frequency with clear intention such as relaxation, meditation, concentration work, study, etc., this frequency can bring about miracles. Solfeggio 528Hz frequency, also known as love frequency, magic tune, DNA repair frequency, transform frequency is known for its powerful transformative effect on human body as it helps to give back Human DNA is in its original, perfect state, and that is the benefit of an energy boost. 🎵Track information: Title: Calm Inside Composer: Jack D.T. Follow Healing Soul on... Spotify: 🤍open.spotify.com/album/1hoVM3kiu8W27YQ1f6g3m8 Apple Music: 🤍music.apple.com/vn/album/1582425318 Deezer: 🤍🤍deezer.com/album/253577892 📜 Message from the composer and creator of Healing Soul: "I'm Jack DT and I make beautiful relaxing music, meditation music, healing music based on popular instruments such as piano, guitar, flute and other natural sounds for meditation, relaxation, sleep and healing. I hope my work will help you in some way. positive way. Blessings and Peace all the way. Thank you for your understanding and support." - Jack DT, composer of Healing Soul © Copyright: Music composed by Jack DT. Images/photos licensed from: •Shutterstock • Animation by Jack DT Copyright ⓒ2022 Healing Soul®. All rights reserved. #SleepMusic #DeepSleep #DeltaWaves

Кадры из видео
Alpha Waves Heal The Damage In The Body, Music Heals The Whole Body, Powerful Effect
Alpha Waves Heal The Damage In The Body, Music Heals The Whole Body, Powerful Effect
Alpha Waves Heal The Damage In The Body, Music Heals The Whole Body, Powerful Effect
Alpha Waves Heal The Damage In The Body, Music Heals The Whole Body, Powerful Effect
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Комментарии пользователей:
Jose Amado Abraham
2023-10-04 18:53:00

the Planet has exploded and we watch from the space, all its parts going away, we listen this music while thinking in that moment all the living species are dying and its wonderful existence will disappear forever. What did we do wrong?

Sherry Hoffman
2023-10-04 01:07:58

To many ads trying 😢

2023-10-03 15:37:41

I woke up to annoying AD! Never again. Oh well, back to the Dolphin sounds that actually help

Sherry D
2023-10-03 04:51:08

Interrogations by ads are NOT helpful

2023-10-01 05:37:00

2023-09-28 12:32:26

whoelse dont like the ads in the middle of this video

2023-09-27 22:12:30

На третий четвертый раз вы не сможете её слушать

Diana P
2023-09-27 20:13:42

👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻cannot be listen for peace! The ad are ruining everything! Try with something else!

2023-09-24 19:13:10


Arline Resurreccion
2023-09-23 19:17:30

I'm listening now please help me heal myself 😭🙏 thanks 😢❤

2023-09-22 16:20:08

Music was good
But the constant ads were disturbing and unnerving
Overall experience :(

Ana Mariela Nemeth
2023-09-21 20:37:02

como utilizarla

Aidan Dorrian
2023-09-21 18:13:47

REALLY REALLY ANNOYING, to have ads play during a relax/ repair video sound clip YOUBTUBE ... ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE USING FOR BRAIN REPAIR because of "brain damage/injury" ... WHY ISN'T A COMPANY LIKEVYOU TUBE CREATING A BETTER SOCIETIAL STANDARD, catering for ALL ... Neurotypical and Neurodivergent? ... would be a good place to start

2023-09-20 09:07:33

The ads ruin this.

2023-09-20 06:23:07

upon discovering man I learned a lot about myself and each person on earth is weird the eternal gods would never imagine an end or beginning

2023-09-19 10:03:41

Can’t enjoy the vid anymore because YouTubes ads are out of control 😒

Sonya K
2023-09-15 14:43:01


Amit Solanki
2023-09-15 00:49:02

Stop adds in this video...

2023-09-11 18:22:57

I hope this works on I the writer of these words.

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