Small Arms of Russia (Стрелковое оружие России (EN))

Название: Small Arms of Russia (Стрелковое оружие России (EN))
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Описание: Описание товара Small Arms of Russia (Стрелковое оружие России (EN))

Книга "Стрелковое оружие России" на английском языке. Описание и технические характеристики каждой боевой единицы.
The book " Small Arms of Russia" dedicated small and grenade launchers , Russian gunsmiths created and produced by Russian companies. These weapons are united by the concept of " melee weapon " remains the most popular and is used in all types of operations.
Today in Russia produced the whole range of melee weapons . Russian weapon proved its effectiveness in wars and armed conflicts , for which deserved authority and respect in many countries . Moreover, most of the samples produced by Russian industry in its combat characteristics have no analogues abroad. Truly mind and hands of domestic arms designer created the most reliable and effective weapon .
In the book "Small arms Russia " collected information about the characteristics and combat capabilities of melee weapons in all its diversity , including pistols , revolvers , submachine guns , machine guns , hand, uniform and heavy machine guns , grenade launchers and automatic , hand-held antitank grenade launchers and rocket grenades, latest designs of special small arms , silent sniper rifles , as well as having no foreign counterparts underwater weapons. In this melee weapon is considered as a complex that includes the actual weapons, ammunition , sights .

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Small Arms of Russia (Стрелковое оружие России (EN))
Small Arms of Russia (Стрелковое оружие России (EN))
Small Arms of Russia (Стрелковое оружие России (EN))
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